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Two of India’s richest men caught in crossfire over farming laws

The new farm legislation, passed in Sept, will allow private firms to buy produce directly from farmers, moving from the decades-old system of state-run wholesale buyers and markets that guaranteed MSP 6 min read   .   17 Jan 2021 Bloomberg For weeks, thousands of farmers have camped outside Delhi, demanding the withdrawal of recently passed farm laws they say, without evidence, was designed to allow billionaires such as Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani to enter farming. The tycoons say they have no such interest. Over 1,500 phone towers of Ambani’s wireless carrier were vandalized last month Two of India’s richest men have landed in an unlikely  controversy over farming laws , becoming targets of protesters who allege the tycoons have benefited from their close links to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. For weeks, tens of thousands of farmers have camped outside the nation’s capital, demanding the withdrawal of recently passed legislation they say, without evidence, was designed to allow bi
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Will the 2020s Really Become the Next Roaring Twenties?

In a dark moment, some predict a new economic and cultural boom. Here’s the reality Steve LeVine 20 hours ago · Photo illustration, sources: Vintage Images; Jasmin Merdan/Moment; Issarawat Tattong/Moment (via Getty) In recent years, leading economists, investors, and journalists have painted a decidedly grim vision of our near future: The U.S. economic system and society itself are coming apart, these dystopian voices have said, beset by one of the darkest chapters in the country’s history, including a pandemic, a jobs apocalypse, and now a deadly attack on Congress. Yet, in one of the most whiplash-inducing s p iritual flip-flops in memory, the new zeitgeist for the next decade is shimmering positivism. The  Economist  is tantalized by hints of  “a new period of economic dynamism,”  and the Financial Times of “ a once-in-a-century boom.”  The  Wall Street Journal  foresees  the best era for manufacturing  since the 1990s, and even Nobel laureate Paul Krugman, one of the most convinced

How we were turned into a nation of elated suckers

Chats suggest that Pulwama massacre made Mr Righteous Indignation of TV whoop ‘this attack we have won like crazy’, and the government smelt a chance to make Indians feel ‘elated’ before the polls Arnab Goswami File picture Our Special Correspondent New Delhi   Published 17.01.21, 01:43 AM Advertisement They rain fire and brimstone from the patriotism pulpit, shaking and choking in righteous indignation at the violators of the Nation and chewing them up. They are almost always in suits, the enfants terribles of television. They rain fire and brimstone from the patriotism pulpit, trembling and tearing up at the very thought of a wayward glance being cast on Bharat Mata. They are almost always in whites, the perpetual campaigners on one election trail or the other. Both stand exposed — by an insider who has not yet disowned a series of WhatsApp chats attributed to him. The picture that emerges from the court of the Emperor Without Clothes is not pretty: it shows a blood-sucking, wheeling

MOHAN GURUSWAMY: Thank God for ThinkTank’s!

MOHAN GURUSWAMY: Thank God for ThinkTank’s!  The word "ThinkTank" owes its origins to John F Kennedy who collected a group of top intellectuals in his White House, people like McGeorge Bundy, Robert McNamara, John Galbraith, Arthur Schlesinger and Ted Sorenson among others to give him counsel on issues from time to time. He described it as having them on tap and on the turn of the spigot good advice was on hand. He called them his "ThinkTank." Kennedy described the first dinner meeting as the White House never had so much brilliance and brain power in its dining room since Thomas Jefferson had dinner alone in it.  The USA always had a tradition of academics and policy wonks flitting in and out of government for short periods. Most of these academics came from top institutions like Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford. But very few academics would trade in a tenured professorship for a White House or top administration job. Universities would give leave of absence o

The Capitol Rioters Weren’t ‘Low Class’

The business owners, real-estate brokers, and service members who rioted acted not out of economic desperation, but out of their belief in their inviolable right to rule. ADAM SERWER JANUARY 12, 2021 GETTY / THE ATLANTIC They were  business owners ,  CEOs ,  state legislators ,  police officers ,  active  and  retired  service members,  real-estate brokers ,  stay-at-home dads , and, I assume, some Proud Boys. The mob that breached the Capitol last week at President Donald Trump’s exhortation, hoping to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, was full of what you might call “respectable people.” They left  dozens of Capitol Police officers injured , screamed “ Hang Mike Pence! ,” threatened to  murder House Speaker Nancy Pelosi , and  set up a gallows  outside the building. Some were extremists  using the crowd as cover , but as federal authorities issue indictments, a striking number of those they name appear to be regular Americans. And there’s nothing surprising abou


Published   17 Jan, 2021   06:55am MUHAMMAD AKBAR NOTEZAI Yaqoob Hazara was a coal miner in Mach for over 30 years. He lived in Hazara Mohalla in Mach town until 2013, when he miraculously survived a firing incident. Such incidents had become all too common in Mach. Eventually, like most Hazaras who were once based in the mohalla, Yaqoob decided to permanently relocate with his family to Hazara Town in Quetta, some 65 kilometres away. Even after moving, Yaqoob continued working as a coal miner in Mach, until his health allowed him to. Eventually, his young and healthy son, Sadiq, took his place. Unfortunately, unlike his father, Sadiq was not lucky enough to escape death. Early morning on January 3, when most of his family and community were still asleep, he and nine other coal miners were brutally killed in the Mach coal field area. Masooma, Sadiq’s younger sister, heard about the killings later in the day. But used to hearing about one tragedy after the other, she tried not to think

The rising East

Trivium China On Thursday, ministerial-level officials concluded their four-day workshop on Xi Jinping’s new development philosophy at the Central Party School  (see  January 12  Tip Sheet ) . At the final session, the Party’s ideological czar, Wang Huning, had three instructions for senior officials  (Xinhua): Understand the big picture. Address “unbalanced” development. Improve the country’s ability to survive, compete, and sustain itself. Easy-peasy!  On Friday, Chen Yixin,  secretary general of Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, debriefed his colleagues on the workshop's key points  (Sohu). Chen went all big picture: The pandemic will have a profound impact on the international order. The US will persist in trying to contain China. The East is rising while the West is declining. Get smart:  Xi has long held the view that the balance of power in the international order is shifting in China's favor (see the  June 25, 2018 Tip Sheet ). What that means:  Xi and the