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How NATO can combat Chinese and Russian political warfare

The case for a Comprehensive Approach 2.0: How NATO can combat Chinese and Russian political warfare In-Depth Research & Reports   by   Kathleen J. McInnis ,  Clementine G. Starling Raising of the flags at the handover ceremony for the new NATO Headquarters DOWNLOAD PDF Introduction This paper argues that NATO has both a designated strategic role to play due to its mandate in the 1949 Washington Treaty, and an operational-level toolkit to utilize, when it comes to developing and implementing an urgently needed Comprehensive Approach to countering authoritarian political warfare. NATO has the platform to further dialogue and coordinate action among multiple stakeholders in a way that is necessary to spur cross-national and multinational counter-political warfare efforts in the transatlantic community. A whole-of-system approach is required to combat whole-of-system attacks. NATO is well positioned to help build that holistic approach and it should do so with greater urgency. Implica
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What Is Going On at Yale Law School?

The prestigious institution has tied itself in knots over a dispute involving one of its most popular—and controversial—professors, Amy Chua. By  Lizzie Widdicomb e June 19, 2021 Amy Chua, a celebrity professor at the top-ranked law school in the country, is at the center of a campus-wide fracas known as “Dinner Party-gate.” Photograph by Rick Wenner / Redux Adecade ago, back when we talked about things besides new coronavirus strains and vaccination rates, there was a weeks-long media frenzy over a parenting memoir called “ Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother . ” In  that book , Amy Chua, an American daughter of Chinese immigrants, described her efforts to raise her children the “Chinese” way. For her, that meant dispensing with squishy Western conventions like “child-led learning” and participation trophies, and ruthlessly driving her two young daughters to master their classical instruments and maintain perfect grades. The book provoked a fierce backlash, much of which centered on Chua’

Australia: Onward Christian soldiers

Onward Christian soldiers: the ACL is back with a vengeance and MPs are hearing its prayers Crikey BY  KISHOR NAPIER-RAMAN The Coalition proves a willing audience as the Australian Christian Lobby starts flexing its political muscles again. The Australian Christian Lobby is back, holding a series of meetings with politicians, spending on Facebook ads, and going on a hiring blitz in a plan to get favourable religious discrimination laws passed and make its presence felt ahead of the next election. ACL boss Martyn Iles was in Canberra yesterday for talks with Coalition MPs about the Religious Discrimination Bill, a one-time priority of the Morrison government which had stalled before the pandemic drove attention elsewhere. But political lobbying and closed-door meetings are just the tip of the organisation’s strategy. Iles’ heightened presence on traditional and social media demonstrates a real commitment to become an electoral force, mobilising religious voters and dragging the Co

Explained: As G7 plans Build Back Better World, here's how much China has spent on Belt And Road Initiative

Compared to the post-World War domination that the US achieved, China may appear relatively new to the game. But the dragon has already made big strides; it is the US that may appear like it needs to play catch-up Kenneth Kumar Mohanty June 19, 2021 11:27:29 IST If Donald Trump had his tariff wars, his successor US President Joe Biden is pushing for Build Back Better World or B3W. The goal for both: tackle China and checkmate it at a game that Beijing is now seemingly playing much better than Washington, that is, to gain influence in as many countries as possible by the use of hard and/and or soft powers of diplomacy. Compared to the post-World War domination that the US achieved, China may appear relatively new to the game. But the dragon has already made big strides in the business of making friends and influencing countries; it is the US that may appear like it needs to play catch-up. What US Has Proposed? How Much Has China Spent? A White House press statement sharing  details of B

India’s higher judiciary lacks professional diversity. It’s now a monopoly of lawyer-judges

Of the first 25 Supreme Court judges, only three had any experience in subordinate judiciary. The collegium system has only deepened this professional homogeneity further. RANGIN PALLAV TRIPATHY 11 June, 2021 File photo of the Supreme Court of India | Manisha Mondal | ThePrint C hief Justice of India N.V. Ramana recently  remarked  that appointments in higher judiciary should reflect social diversity and called upon the Chief Justices of high courts to ensure it while forwarding recommendations for appointment of judges. While the issue of imbalanced representation in terms of gender, caste, religion, etc. has  often attracted attention , the issue of professional diversity in higher judiciary, which has become a monopoly of lawyer-judges, has escaped serious scrutiny. A professionally homogenous judiciary can be hazardous for the ends of justice. A homogenous judiciary cannot cater to different perceptions and sensitivities, and creates a workforce with a lot of redundant skills. This