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U.S National Security Agency Launches the Center for Cybersecurity Standards

National Security Agency Launches the Center for Cybersecurity Standards; Neal Ziring QuotedNichols MartinSeptember 30, 2020CybersecurityNewsTechnology NSA The National Security Agency (NSA) has launched a new office that will support NSA's mission to implement cybersecurity across critical systems. This office will lead NSA’s Cybersecurity mission to engage with standards bodies to communicate security requirements and influence standards to secure our National Security Systems and provide support to the Defense Industrial Base (DIB).“The rapid evolution of technology presents security challenges to all networks, including National Security Systems,” said Jessica Fitzgerald-McKay, CCSS co-lead. “Our engagement with standards bodies improves cybersecurity for the nation and our collaboration ensures vendors understand security requirements for NSS and the DIB.”The Center for Cybersecurity Standards (CCSS) will coordinate with standardization entities regarding security requireme…
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CHINA: Party Watch Weekly Report 4|1 10.10.2020-10.16.2020

Party Watch Weekly Report 4|1

David Gitter, Julia Bowie, Brock Erdahl, James O'Brien, Cady DeckHighlights
The Central Committee issued new work regulations for the CCP’s top ruling bodies, which afford Xi Jinping the power to convene and set discussion topics for meetings of the Central Committee, Politburo, and Politburo Standing Committee (see Senior Leaders section).

The United Front Work Department published new regulations on Chinese Muslims practicing the Hajj, which stipulate that Chinese Muslims can only attend Hajj trips organized by the Islamic Association of China (see United Front Work Department). Senior Leaders
Xi Jinping: Young Cadres Must Improve Practical Problem Solving Capabilities
People's Daily

10.11 Xi Jinping addressed the opening ceremony of a training class for mid-career cadres at the Central Party School. People’s Daily summarized Xi’s main points as follows: We “are unceasingly advancing to resolve problems throughout history. Our Party, leaders, and people…

Rest in peace’ — Chinese state broadcaster to NBA’s Daryl Morey

SupChina.—Jeremy Goldkorn, Editor-in-Chief
When the NBA finally returned to Chinese state television on October 10, after a year of blackouts since Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey’s infamous pro-Hong Kong protesters tweet, the reasons for the letup in pressure were not entirely clear.A CCTV spokesperson noted (in Chinese), in general terms, the league’s “continuously expressed goodwill” (持续表达的善意 chíxù biǎodá de shànyì), and “especially” its “active efforts to support the Chinese people in their fight against COVID-19.”Chinese nationalists remained unsatisfied, SupChina reported, with a large number of people still calling on Morey to apologize and for NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to condemn him.Now Morey is resigning, he said just five days after the NBA had resumed being broadcast in China,though in a statement he characterized the decision as personal, and chose not to further comment on the China situation. Tilman Fertitta, the owner of the Rockets, doubled down on the same message i…

Beijing-based Edigene raises $67 million to develop gene-editing therapies

Edigene’s “scientific founder” Wèi Wénshèng 魏文胜. Image source: Peking University.Edigene is a Beijing-based company that “develops genome editing technologies to accelerate drug discovery and develop novel therapeutics for a broad range of diseases,” including cancers.Last week, the company announced that it had raised 450 million yuan ($67 million) from 3H Health Investment, Sequoia Capital China, IDG Capital, and several other investors.Edigene was founded in 2015. Previous financing rounds have raised $100 million.The company has a business development office in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a facility for clinical trials in Guangzhou.  CEO Wèi Dōng 魏东 says in the statement: “The round enables us to further scale up and transform our pipeline into clinical-stage.”Wei’s résumé includes “over 20 years of experience in drug development and management, including leading over 10 global clinical-stage programs in multiple therapeutic areas at BioMarin, Elan, Johnson & Johnson and Shi…

Bangladesh’s rise is an opportunity for India, but is overshadowed by negative domestic politics

In using Dhaka’s impressive economic performance to attack Delhi’s, India is missing the bigger story about the strategic consequences of Bangladesh’s economic rise.Written by C. Raja Mohan |Updated: October 20, 2020 8:48:08 am The positive dynamic surrounding the bilateral relationship in Modi’s first term has, unfortunately, acquired a negative tone in the second amidst the poisonous rhetoric in India around the Citizenship Amendment Act. (Illustration by C R Sasikumar)The International Monetary Fund’s latest World Economic Outlook published last week has triggered much outrage in India. The provocation was the IMF’s prediction that Bangladesh’s per capita GDP will overtake that of India this year. The projected difference is rather small — $1,888 to $1,877 — and unlikely to last beyond this year. But it offered enough ammunition for a political attack on the NDA government’s economic record.There are many reasons for anxiety about India’s economic slowdown in recent years. But in us…

EVENT: How to Radically Improve Your Field Intelligence Gathering Capabilities

The Next Step in Event (Conference) Monitoring – How to Radically Improve Your Field Intelligence Gathering CapabilitiesEvents are an important source of intelligence in many industries. However, gathering it has always been a time consuming and costly activity. Valuable insights are often delayed due to the time it takes to bring it from the conference floor to the executive’s desk. Add the current situation with many conferences and events going virtual to the mix, and you further add to the challenge.

In this session, Christian Bjerser of Comintelli and Jeff Mansfield of Proactive Worldwide will show you how to rethink how you do event monitoring. Using case studies from multiple organizations you will see how to adapt to new trade show intelligence realities, creating a new systematic framework, and what innovative AI technology is doing to improve speed, quality, and value.

Key take aways:
- A new framework for event monitoring that works both virtual and in-person.
- Best practices …

Cyber Teachers! Here's A Cool Resource You Should Know About...

A couple of my colleagues in the cyber department here at the Center for Strategic Leadership at the US Army War College have put together a very handy resource for anyone working or teaching cyber or cyber-related issues:  The Strategic Cyberspace Operations Guide.
Nothing in the guide should be particularly new to experienced cyber instructors.  It is still extraordinarily useful as it puts everything together in one package.  As the authors said themselves, "It combines U.S. Government Unclassified and Releasable to the Public documents into a single guide."  The 164 page document contains six chapters:Chapter 1 provides an overview of cyberspace operations, operational design methodology, and joint planning, and execution. Chapter 2 includes a review of operational design doctrine and applies these principles to the cyberspace domain. Chapter 3 reviews the joint planning process and identifies cyberspace operations planning concerns. Chapter 4 describes …