December 04, 2004


Fides annual report on Catholic Church statistics which is prepared every year in view of World Mission Sunday 24 October. Figures regarding members of the Church, church structures in the field of pastoral care, healthcare, education and assistance are taken from the latest edition of the Church’s Book of Statistics (December 2002). Please note that variations, increase or decrease compared to last year are marked + or – in brackets.


Why West don't want to give Veto power to India in UN Security Council ?

Putin is not intrested in diluting veto powers of U.N. Security Council , "We believe that it would be absolutely unacceptable to erode such existing tools of the U.N. because otherwise the U.N. organisation will lose its weight, lose its role, changing into some discussion club — some new edition of the League of Nations."

"So, beyond any doubt, there should be no ... [inaudible] of the rights of the Security Council members. I think that would be a destructive approach. I would like to underscore that we have to show flexibility taking into account the interests of all participants in this [Council expansion] process,"

Intelli-Briefs sources in US and other western Capitals learnt that international community has concerns about the Indian Government misusing veto powers (if granted) because of Sonia Gandhi and her associates closeness to Communists and Islamic groups. Russia is particularly concerned about the latter because of its problems with Islamic fundamentalism.

The world community sees the Sonia controlled government as weak as compared to the Vajpayee government which was seen as strong. Moreover International community took serious note about her visit to Oxford university , where she gave a lecture at a Islamic school funded by Bin-Laden Family . She did gave lectures at AliGhar Muslim University attacking Hindus last year soon after defeat of State elections where she was trounced by BJP and it's allies . Sources in India also claim that Sonia Gandhi and her collegues doesn't have a stand on Islamic Terrorism sweeping across the world , and she is criticising Hindus to keep Muslims and Islamic Fundamentalism away from her .

Her association with communists and their role in objecting World Bank representatives were taken seriously by various think-tanks in west . Present Congress Government is weak on fighting terrorism as compared to early BJP government , that is the impression in the western world .

How colonialism in India funded John 'Forbes' Kerry and American industry

It is an eye-opener about historical facts most Indians do not know. The significance of this is not about Kerry personally, but what it tells us about unacknowledged events in America’s industrial development and power structure.) :

- The great grandfather & grandfather of Senator John "Forbes" Kerry amassed a huge fortune smuggling opium during the Opium Wars. The British wanted to keep a monopoly on supplying the Chinese with opium grown in India. [Indian land was redistributed to change from other crops to opium because the British needed opium for trade.] However, during the Opium Wars the British ships were prevented from delivering their cargoes of opium so American ships under Forbes sailed the final miles, making huge amounts of money by delivering the opium for the British.

- Many Forbes family members used this fortune to later finance merchant banking and railroad investment projects around the world.

- Kerry's great grandfather, Robert Bennett Forbes, started Russell and Company, a shipping empire and was later instrumental in the development and endowment of Yale University.

- The Dictionary of American Biography reports that the noted American ship captain Robert Bennet Forbes played "a prominent role in the outbreak of the Chinese Opium War."

- After the Opium War, the Forbes family hastily cashed out their fortune and reinvested in Europe and the United States. Some of the population growth of Chicago and Midwestern Plains states in the middle to late 19th century was due to John Murray Forbes' railroad projects in Michigan and Chicago. The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Co., from Chicago west to the Pacific was built by John Murray Forbes.

- In 1879, William Forbes, son of John Murray Forbes, used the family fortune to financially back Alexander Graham Bell's telephone company, and himself become president of the company. In 1885, Bell Telephone became known as American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T), which in 1899 became the overall holding company for all the Bell ventures, and remains active today.

- William Cameron Forbes became an investment banker & used his wealth to become Governor General of the Philippines between 1908-1913. He was only 38 years old at the time. He was the son of William Hathaway Forbes, president of the Bell Telephone Company, and of Edith Emerson, a daughter of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

- William Cameron Forbes' niece Ruth Forbes Paine Young tapped her Forbes family inheritance to finance the International Peace Academy. Her husband invented the Bell Helicopter used in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

- Many Forbes family members purchased estates in France and Massachusetts, and remain very influential there, in local or national politics. John Forbes Kerry is a U.S. Senator and was a candidate for President of the U.S. and is currently a beneficiary of several Forbes family trusts (c. 2002)

- Kerry's first cousin and childhood friend is Brice Lalonde who was a candidate for President of France in 1981 & both share the same grandparents. In 1988 he was named Minister of the Environment, and in 1990 founded the Green Party Génération Ecologie. Lalonde is currently mayor of Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, a small French village where the Forbes family keeps an estate. He is the heir to several Forbes family offshore trusts. Note Kerry's current antipathy to outsourcing does not extend to outsourcing his

own wealth to offshore trusts.

- The Forbes family owns, through the family JM Forbes Naushon Island Trust, named for the wealthy John Murray Forbes, the private Naushon Island, part of the Elizabeth Islands NW of Martha's Vineyard and SW of Cape Cod

December 03, 2004

A Criminal investigating Kanchi Seer case .


Mr Premkumar – The SP (superintendent of Police) Investigating shri
Acharya’s case is a criminal himself.

He has many cases against him and what more in July 2003 – The Madurai High court had also convicted him on assault by criminal force. Further Mr Premkumar is known for delaying trials and manipulating cases. He has already paid many court imposed fines for trying to manipulate cases.

- The above said is true and open for verification. What care is being taken in acharya’s case if a declared criminal is supervising the whole show. Is Jayalalitha justified in saying lot of care is being taken in Acharya’s case.

People in contact with the media please publicise this as the above said can be verified in Madurai court that has convicted him. The media cannot reject to broadcast/ publish what is given with suitable evidence.

December 02, 2004

BJP's Simple Formula for its Spectacular Win

"BJP's Simple Formula for its Spectacular Win" this document was circulated privately in elite Indian circles which discusses some strategies and action plans for next elections . Click to read

December 01, 2004

Geopolitical conspiracy behind Shankaracharya’s arrest

" Ashok Singhal has alleged that the conspiracy behind the shankaracharya's arrest goes far beyond Jayalalithaa. I tend to agree. The attached summary gives a geopolitical picture behind the assault on Hindu symbols, in attempts to weaken India.

Note that the media is simply repeating police claims without any independent investigation. More seriously, law enforcement and even the judiciary have been immobilized by interest groups so the legal system is virtually dysfunctional. Even a small time operator like Teesta Setelavad is able to get away with witness tampering as Americans call it and yet receive awards and lecture in public. The system has all but collapsed.

I trust you to get this in the hands of Singhal and Seshadriji. We probably should have a copy of this by Saturday both for the press meet and also for the evening program when Ananth Kumar and others will be there.

Here is an excellent opportunity to expose the designs. "
N.S. Rajaram

Geopolitical conspiracy behind Shankaracharya’s arrest


Christian paranoia over Christianity’s collapse in the West followed by the growing menace of Islam is behind its renewed aggression in India.

‘Conspiracy’ behind the arrest

The arrest of the a greatly revered Hindu religious leader in the dead of night on what increasingly seem like trumped up charges has raised suspicions about the real forces and motives behind this extraordinary episode. The Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy has alleged that it is part of an international conspiracy involving some European parties working through Sonia Gandhi. He has since been joined by the VHP President Ashok Singhal who also sees a deep international conspiracy that goes far beyond the Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa.
Others have alleged the involvement Christian organizations pointing out that two of the key officials in the case, DGP Alexander and the Kanchi police superintendent Davidson — both now shifted — are Christians. It seems inconceivable that the police would act in such high-handed fashion against the seer without assurance of support at the highest level, meaning Sonia Gandhi. So the suspicion naturally falls on her as the focus of some international interests with designs on India.
One hopes that the case will be properly investigated and the full truth eventually made known. No matter what the truth, a student of world Christianity has reasons to see this as part of an evolving geopolitical picture. The Indian intelligentsia, the media in particular, seems to be entirely oblivious to the geopolitical developments in the past several decades, which are making Christian organizations like the Vatican resort to increasingly desperate measures in their struggle for survival against Islam. As they see it, the situation has become urgent following September 11 attacks and its aftermath, with Islamic aggression menacing European heartland.
The Christian worldview is colored by the undeniable fact that Christianity has collapsed in the West, while Islam is growing dangerously, even in Europe. Muslim leaders have no trouble finding recruits for their Jihad, while the Christians of Europe, with declining birth rates, are not willing to lay down their lives to protect the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury or whoever sees himself as the leader of the Church. This has made gaining converts in India an urgent necessity.

Collapse and paranoia

It is necessary recognize this paranoia on the part of Christian leaders to understand the increasingly desperate steps being taken by Christian missionaries everywhere. It explains also the rise of apocalyptic cults in America as well as self-destructive conspiracies in India— like the engineered serial ‘Church bombings’ by the Pakistan based Deendar Anjuman cult a few years ago in attempts to dislodge the Vajpayee Government. Kanchi Shankaracharya’s arrest without evidence and later fabrications fall in the same category.
I would like to summarize the Christian worldview as follows: it fears that expanding Islam may soon consume Europe, including the Christianity, while Christian organizations have no capacity to defend themselves. Their hope is to somehow use India’s vast manpower resources to defend Christianity in the war against Islam. It is triggered by an apocalyptic reading of its history.
In the first millennium, Christianity lost Jerusalem to the Arabs; in the second millennium it lost Constantinople (now Istanbul) to the Turks when the Ottomans conquered the Eastern Roman Empire (or the Byzantine Empire) in 1453. Churches fear that Rome might be the next to fall. Now, with Islamic soldiers poised in Kosovo, less than a hundred miles from the Italian border, they feel besieged.
Weighed down by this memory, Church leaders are recalling that the Ottoman conquest of the Roman Empire also began at the same place with Sultan Bayezid’s defeat of the Byzantine forces in the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. At a recent closed door seminar in Barcelona organized by the Vatican secret service known as Opus Dei, participants concluded that “a parallel exists between the present situation in the Occident (Europe) and the fall of the Roman Empire.”

Musharraf and Sonia Gandhi

So here is the problem as Christianity sees it: the West, Europe in particular sees Islam encroaching on all sides, but with declining populations and lack of will power to fight among its people, who are Christians in name only, it has to find others to fight for its survival.
Just as America is looking everywhere for allies and soldiers for its war against terror, Church organizations are aggressively looking for converts to fight its war for survival against Islam. They probably look at Sonia Gandhi in the same light as America sees President Musharraf. They see her as a godsend.

This is what has made Christian missions particularly aggressive in their conversion activities. They see time running out. But in order to convert the Hindus, it has first to weaken Hinduism’s hold on India. With the return to power of the Congress with their favorite Sonia Gandhi at the helm, Christian organizations worldwide have become much bolder in their attempts to weaken Hinduism and gain Christian soldiers through conversion.
So Subramnian Swamy was probably not far wrong when he claimed that the campaign against the Kanchi Shankaracharya was part of an international conspiracy working through Sonia Gandhi, except that it is not new. It has been going on for decades. What has made it urgent and aggressive are the September 11 attacks and the increasing terrorist activity in European countries.

Fight Islam with Indians

The idea to use Indian converts to fight Christianity’s war is also not new. The British could maintain their empire only because of their Indian soldiers. The only difference is that the British did not interfere in their soldiers’ religious feelings, especially after the 1857 mutiny, which was mainly due to missionary activity. As R.C. Majumdar wrote:
“The sensitiveness of the sepoys [soldiers] to their religious beliefs and practices and the dread of conversion to Christianity worked as a nightmare upon their minds… A vague dread that the government (with the missionaries) was determined, by hook or by crook, to convert Indians to Christianity pervaded all ranks of society, and the sepoys, fully shared these apprehensions with the rest...”
Here is a history lesson for everyone: assaulting the religious sensitivities of people is a dangerous enterprise as the British learnt the hard way. But missionaries seem not to have learnt it. One Father P. Augustine Kanjamala recently boasted: “The objective of conversion and numerical strength — the top priority during the colonial mission — is not rejected here.”
Reinhard Bonnke, regarded as the world’s foremost evangelist, stated at a press conference in Kochi that during 20 years of his activity in Africa, the Christian population rose from just 2 percent to 40 percent. (He forgot to mention that it led to civil wars in countries like Sudan in which millions of his converts are being killed.) He went on to add: “And now, India is at the top of my agenda.”
So Christianity’s plan is no secret: Indians are to be turned into pawns in its game for survival against Islam.