January 06, 2005

Kanchi Acharya case: Pseudo Secular reporting

By Kalyanaraman

It is so difficult to get the news these days through the psec media,
a tragic reminder of the state of non-functioning sycophantic anarchy
ruled by Vides'i Rani and an incoherent constitutional framework which
gets subverted day in and day out.

The English p-sec media is beyond redemption, reporting only
platitudes about the Kanchi Acharya case. The reports on arguments in
the Supreme Court on 6 Jan. 2005 are an instance in point. So, it will
be a waste of time to prepare a list of psec reporters as suggested by
some pundits or even to start another enlgish daily to report 'truth'.
As Kanchi Acharya observed in another context, 'truth will never come
out'. So much for the justice system in a criminalised polity. It is a
waste of time to argue about this clause or that in the constitution
or about this provision or that in IPC or CrPC drafte by Macaulay. The
baby should be thrown out with the bathwater. Let there be a political
tsunami so that we can start from where we left off before the
marauders came into Bharat and desiccated the cultural ambience. Is it
possible to establish a non-litiguous hindu samaj, a samaj based on
compassion and dharma?

On the contrary, Tamil p-sec media press provides some interesting
news items. Here are some samples (of translations) from boxed items
in Tamil Daily, Dinamalar of Jan. 7, 2005:

'We respect Jayendrar', argued Tamilnadu government lawyer

New Delhi. 'Kanchi Jayendrar is a highly respected person. We are
treating him with respect' said Tamilnadu government lawyer, Tulasi,
in the Supreme Court.

The case about Sankararaman murder came up for hearing in the Supreme
Court yesterday. During the hearing, Tulasi stated on behalf of
Tamilnadu Government:

We respect Kanchi Jayendrar. He is being treated respectfully in jail.
Until he is declared as a criminal by judgement of the court, we have
to treat him as an accused, innocent person.

The many complaining letters written by the murdered Sankararaman
should only be treated as allegations.

But, under the Indian Penal Code, the case must proceed.

So, said Tulasi.

SP Premkumar excited with cell phone in hand

*) As the bail application came up for hearing in the Supreme Court,
lawyers, press people, TV vehicles surrounded the premises.

*) SP Premkumar arrived in his Sumo at 10.15 AM. He came with a
half-sleeve sweater. ADSP Saktivel of the Vishnu Kanchi Police Station
accompanied him. Before cameramen could surround them, they walked
excitedly into the Supreme Court compound.

*) Outside the Court compound, there were VHP volunteers in large
numbers. They raised slogans in support of Jayendrar. The attempts
made by the police to remove them were not successful.

*) The arguments continued even in the afternoon, when Saktivel came
out of the courtroom. He said something to Premkumar. Immediately
Premkumar also came out. Both of them returned after 10 minutes into
the court room.

*) It was reported that they were going out of the court room to answer
enquiries about the arguments received by them on the cell phone. But,
Tulasi was at that time arguing: "Raghu disbursed money to the killers
only on the instructions of the Junior Kanchi Acharya Vijayendrar".
Hence, there was excitement in the court premises that Vijayendrar
might be arrested that night itself.

*) The statement made by Tulasi that 'We respect Sankaracharya,' led to
a peel of instantaneous laughter in the courtroom. This made the Chief
Justice Lahoti very angry: 'Why are you laughing? You are all lawyers.
What does it mean, when you laugh while he is arguing? Should I close
the courtroom and continue the proceedings in camera?' So enquired the
CJ in anger. This brought about peace in the courtroom.

Judgement will come out today

It is expected that the arguments will be concluded today and
judgement is likely to be announced today (Jan. 7, 2005). Nariman,
counsel of Jayendrar argued for 50 minutes. Thereafter, until 4 PM
Tamilnadu lawyer Tulasi argued. Thereafter, CJ Lahoti said: "Tomorrow
morning (today) 10: 30 AM the proceedings will resume. 15 minutes will
be set apart for Nariman's reply. After that argument is completed,
decision will be taken about the judgement."

'Bail is for sure, ' senior advocate's hope

The arguments of Tamilnadu are flimsy. Bail for Jayendrar is for sure,
so said a senior advocate Krishnamani, expressing hope. This was
conveyed by him to the journalists outside the courtroom.

Money taken out of the bank, conversations on cellphone, duration of
the phone calls, letters written by Sankararaman are the only
arguments against the granting of bail to Jayendrar. These are flimsy
arguments. So, bail will be granted for sure. So said, senior advocate

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