January 15, 2005

A letter about State tyranny on hindu institutions from Indians abroad to CJ, Supreme Court of Bharat

There was an occasion when a letter from an ex-Chief Justice of the
Court was taken as a petition and the SC commended the incorporation
of Fundamental Duties article in the Constitution, without asking for
formalities of affidavits and the lawyer paraphernalia. SC has a role
beyond listening to petitions and to intervene with sage counsel to
the President of India to stem this rot in the polity.

Tamil Nadu Government is cocking-a-snook at the Prime Minister by
lying about the disruptions to the Kanchi Peetham and he doesn't even
seem to notice it and is fooling the opposition that he is writing
tongue-in-cheek letters to the TN Govt. Everyone is trying to fool the

This is the moment of truth, mahaakaala. This is the time when two
eminent guardians of the Constitution, SC and President of India
should step in and dismantle the tyrannical state represented by Tamil
Nadu Government and an inept Central Government.

There is a report that the Viras'aiva matham in Kumbakonam has been
taken over by the TN Govt. This is not a defamation of a brahminical
institution, as M Karunanidhi seems to portray. This is a defamation
of a revered, hindu institution with the prabha of Adi S'ankara who is
a beacon of wisdom not only for Bharat but for the entire human
civilization and human thought. What is happening is the gross
exhibition of animal instincts using state power for personal
aggrandisement by some criminal usurpers of power. When criminals have
hijacked the state, who is to restore the state to the service of the
people? Is it the business of the state to run s'ankara peetham and
viras'aiva matham or udupi matham or udupi s'rikrishna temple? When
the protector has become predator, who will rein in the criminalised
polity and bring about some semblance of sanity in a republic which is
fast degenerating into a banana republic ?

The state of hindu samaj is so fragile, that hindu samaj is holding on
to straws in the wind.

Here is an impassioned letter about State tyranny on hindu
institutions from Indians abroad to CJ, Supreme Court of Bharat. I
hope this institution will receive the letter in the spirit of dharma
and take cognizance of the dharmic plea made therein for appropriate
remedial initiative.

Dhanyavaadah. Kalyanaraman

From: nnnn aaaa
To: Chief Justice Supreme Court of India
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 10:20:15 -0800 (PST)
Subject: An Appeal from Indians Abroad Re Kanchi Mutt
The Chief Justice, Supreme Court Of India

Dear Sir,

As persons of Indian origin residing over decades in USA, We now feel
ashamed of what is being done to a highly reputable ancient Hindu
Institution and its two
revered Abbots in the heartland of India. We, of course refer to
Kanchi Kamakotipeetam, and two Shankaracharyas.The treatments extended
to them by
successive legal and police actions culminating in the closure of the
holy Mutt by the Tamilnadu police recently remind us of the history
repeating the days
of Aurangzeb and Mahmud Ghaznavi. This atrocious behavior of
Tamilnadu Govt has not only wounded the sentiments of millions of
Hindus like us all over the
world, but our heads hang in shame when we see the barbaric autocracy
with which the Govt. of Tamilnadu is acting defying all norms of
decency, civility and
individual freedom that constitute the hallmarks of a democracy.
Furthermore, what adds salt to the injury is the numbness of all the
concerned power centers of
the nation.

In response to the judgment delivered by your lordship in the bail
petition of revered Shankaracharya, what Tamilnadu Govt has presented
in their appeal and
published in the media sound like a challenge and an attempt to
reverse the judicial verdict from the highest court of the nation. The
tone of the language
and the demands made in that appeal make mockery of the judiciary as
well as the democratic structure of India. We are not lawyers, but
from our years of
experience in the west we can say that the demands of the Tamilnadu
Govt in a similar situation in the civilized world are unthinkable and
deserve condemnation. Secondly, incarceration of the junior Acharya
only hours after the release order was issued for the senior Acharya
by the Supreme court does not appear to be an orderly conduct by the
Govt, it definitely smells like a ruthless vendetta by the Govt
against the Acharyas and the Mutt.And they proved our suspicion as
they revealed their crude uncivilized face by sealing the Mutt and
freezing all bank
accounts with a definite motive to disrupt and destroy the Mutt .We
believe,Tamilnadu Govt is backed by some conspiring circles, as such
is not conducting an impartial inquiry. They strongly appear to have
an ulterior evil motive.

Sir, you may kindly appreciate, this is a critical time in history. At
this critical juncture we appeal to your Lordship to save our Dharma
and the honor of the nation by ordering an independent investigation
and trial out of the purview of the Govt of Tamilnadu, and to ensure
that the Mutt functions are normalized.Those of us residing abroad
feel very small by the uncivilized arbitrary actions by a delinquent
state of Indian democracy and witnessed in silence by the center in
India, and we are ridiculed by the west for our lack of maturity and
sense of responsibility. Our earnest prayer to you is to restore an
element of decency and the dignity of the nation by restraining the
delinquent state of Tamilnadu by judicial orders as requested above
and as you may deem appropriate.

With profound regards,

Nripen Acharya, Arizona,USA

Baburam Gupta, Philadelphia, USA


Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

It is a well written article on the Immature and tyranical attitude of Tamil Nadu government.The whole system seems to be deaf and dumb on the plight of great guru of modern times.As pointed out in the article,this cannot happen in the west.It can happen on only in India.Vindictive attitude of JJ is well know from her history of governence.But unfortunately we Indians seem to lack the insight and understanding of psychology of politicians.Why would any one choose JJ as CM with her history of frequent U turns and vindictiveness.She has many psychological issues,and she should step out of governence.But this can never happen in India.Because we are so used to poor governence,arrogance,vindictivenss,political lies,misuse of power,and so on.

The most disheartening and unfortunate thing about entire shankaracharya's issue is ---people of great eminence and political writers and editors of political magazine like Thuglak seem to maitain a silence about the issue.Great writers of truth like Mr.cho seem to maitain a dead silence about the issue pretending to maitain a neutral attitude.And the entire media seem to write what ever comes to their mind about the issue.

Mr.cho do you still think Tamil nadu government has solid proof of involvment of shankaracharyar in the murder?You were the first to comment on the issue saying
"Tamil nadu government would not have acted without evidence".As a political writer of so many years of experience did you not understand the way shankaracharyar was arrested there was a motive behind the issue?Do you still want to pretend maintaining a neutral stand,at the same time showing yourself that you are a great follower of truth.

Do you all think we deserve democracy?Discussion is open to all.Please comment!?


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