January 24, 2005

A possible link to Killing of Balouch leader Anwar Baijan

IntelliBriefs sources tell us that Anwar Baijan was an important figure for Baloch in Karachi with close links to the Baloch leadership of the rest of the country.

Since the beginning Karachi has been a Baloch dominant territory over which many Baloch have a claim of ownership also. Karachi; having the largest Baloch population in one place than anywhere else in the world, its Baloch dwellings have always been playing effective politics in favour of the Baloch of Balochistan also.

Important meetings, massive rallies and demonstrations have always been held in Karachi against any aggression to suppress Baloch of Balochistan. Being an international city, a voice raised here always echoed around the world and brought shame to Pakistan for its atrocities committed against the Baloch.

The creation of MQM and its terror tactics gradually drove Baloch politicians out of Karachi and then we notice since after the appointment of the current MQM governor Baloch figures of Karachi were selectively being either the victims of target killings or destroyed economically.

After the killing of Anwar Baijan, Perviaz Musharraf went on TV and announced proudly that this was not 70s, Baloch could not hide now and they would not know where it hit them from. Mr. Musharraf’s statement was -in my opinion- hinting towards Anwar’s killing. Anwar Baijan was a figure who could easily mobilise Baloch of Karachi against the government at any difficult stage for Baloch. The current situation in Balochistan and army operations may well had forced Anwar into action against government and the situation in Karachi could have gone well out of MQM’s hand. MQM is not used to such opposition and where they see a threat they rather eliminate it than fighting it politically.

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