January 27, 2005

Time to rethink on internal security : L K Advani

Intelligence agencies fear that discontinuation of the peace process with naxalites may be followed by an escalation in violence as the extremists may have utilised the ceasefire period to regroup and rearm themselves.

"Threat to internal security has increased manifold in the past few months with Naxalite activities on the rise in Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring States , Time has come for the government to have a rethink on the issue of internal security,” said Mr Advani.

“Apart from inspiring fear and terror, recent surge in Naxal attacks has also given rise to a feeling of respect for Naxalites among people, since they seem to be gaining attention with their activities,” the former deputy PM pointed out.

It may be recalled that the Centre had not only hailed the Andhra Pradesh government’s earlier decision to enter into a ceasefire with the PWG but also asked the other states to emulate the peace initiative.

However, with the Andhra-Naxalites ceasefire now falling through, the Centre has opted to stick by the YSR government.

“The Centre’s policy is to leave it to state regime to decide whether to talk of act against the extremists...the Centre will support the states in whatever way they wish to tackle the Naxalite problem,” explained Union home minister Shivraj Patil in a recent interaction with newspersons. (Source : TOI)

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