February 07, 2005

Anti-hindu advisors of Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi

Anti-hindu advisors of Antonia Maino

In yesterday's meeting in Chennai, Subramanian Swamy added two names
to the list of advisors of Antonia Maino: two Mr.Ataullas Munir and
Farida -- referring to them as Paki's and ISI agents. This is a new
revelation complementing his earlier piece on Do you Know your Sonia?,
apart from his mention of Grace Brenta, an Italian lady as the front
for promoting proselytization. He also clarified that the kurangatti
of J.J. is Antonia Maino. (kurangatti in Tamil means the the street
folk-artist who makes his monkey dance to his tunes).

This is serious stuff. If together, with these two ISI agents residing
in 10 Janpath, there are a German, two Norwegians and an Italian
functioning as advisors to Chairperson, UPA, this lends an extra
dimension to the extra-constitutional authority who has achieved a
coup d'etat and usurpsed power and indulges in subverting the
constitution on a daiy basis. We already know Jean Dreze a Belgian who
became a naturalized citizen of Bharat in 2002 and is now the
principal economic advisor who has forced the UPA Govt. to launch a
30,000 crore largesse, that is dole-outs with zero economic content.
Whatever happened to the Marxist economic pundits that the UPA has to
rely upon a naturalised Belgian (whose father reportedly helped
Amartya Sen with econometrics and Nobel prize in economics). Who
co-authors papers with Jean Dreze on the grant economics? Amarya Sen.

Is it not the responsibility, patriotic duty of hindu journalists to
pursue this lead about ISI agents controlling national security policy
and unravel the nature of the vides'i rani's regime in Bharat? Bofors
is a mere footnote compared to what is going on, right now, as we
speak. It is little comfort that Bardhan has also joined the Jyoti
Basu chorus of this UPA government being short-lived and Varadarajan
the new CPI-M chief of Tamil Nadu claiming that the old alliances
forged for the last election no longer hold good. (All reports in
Tamil vernacular press; shame on English press in not reporting such
news). I think English press hindu journalists should start writing in
the vernacular, instead of writing in Victorian English.



Dr Swamy criticizes Pak demand for Sonia as negotiator (Nov. 30, 2004)

Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharaff has suggested (according to
media reports today) to India's puppet Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan
Singh that Ms. Sonia Gandhi, UPC Chairman, be made the
mediator/negotiator between India and Pakistan in future talks between
the two countries on outstanding issues. This is no surprise to me.
What is however surprising is that that Dr. Singh who receives daily
intelligence briefing should fail to see through Musharaff's clever
ploy and instead welcome this sinister suggestion.

No patriotic Indian should agree to any such role for Ms. Sonia Gandhi
in India-Pakistan negotiations because of her past unacceptable
association with certain Pakistanis such as Salman Thassir (in London
1963-68) and the Ataullahs, Munir and Farida (since 1968). Farida
Ataullah was the guest of honour seated at the family head table
during the formal wedding ceremony of Sonia's daughter Priyanka, and
also stayed as Sonia Gandhi's guest in the Prime Minister's residence
during the 1972 Simla Pact talks with Pakistan The Prime Minister
should consult RAW dossiers to verify this fact because I know that
the RAW had objected to this proximity several times since these
Pakistanis have ISI connections .

The wily Gen. Musharaff has thus delivered a Catch-22 proposal to our
Prime Minister. He knows that Ms. Sonia Gandhi cannot be a strong
negotiator with such an unacceptable background
. And yet she controls
Dr. Singh who cannot say no to her because he is her puppet.
Otherwise, he should have said no to the General and to mind his
business. The Prime Minister has disgraced himself and the nation by
welcoming it.

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