February 03, 2005

'Assam for Muslims' a potent plan --Maloy Krishna Dhar

Interesting article from www.assamtribune.com

From Kalyan Barooah

NEW DELHI, Feb 1 - In a corroboration of what has been suspected all
along, a former super sleuth of Intelligence Bureau has confirmed that
'Assam for Muslims' was and continues to be a potent programme of the
communalist Muslim organisations in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Open
Secrets, India's Intelligence Unveiled by former Joint Director,
Intelligence Bureau, Maloy Krishna Dhar, is likely to leave the Congress Party
in general and a few of its leaders in particular red faced, as
sinister plots including designs to topple elected Governments, links with
fundamentalist organisations and underground outfits get uncovered.

"There are ample scopes for a dispassionate analysis of the historic
imbalances that Assam suffered from for over seven decades and the
dubious roles played by the Indian National Congress, Indira Congress and the
fanatic Muslim political and religious organisations. The gaping fault
line created in Assam was not overlooked by Pakistan and its successor
regime in Bangladesh," Dhar commented.

"It should be sufficient to say that senior Congress leaders like Nehru
and Sardar Patel had almost agreed to cede Assam and Eastern Bengal to
Pakistan as demanded by MA Jinnah. Nationalist leaders like Gopinath
Bordoloi and Mahatma Gandhi saved Assam and the rest of the North East
for India," he further said.

Dhar, who has had long stints in the North East and was no stranger to
the region's political inner dynamics, was himself a key player in
several of the sordid dramas of toppling elected Governments in Assam and
Manipur. Did the then Chief Minister, late Hiteswar Saikia had a hand in
formation of the outlawed ULFA? He had, if you believe the super

In a startling revelation that is sure to create a storm in the State,
Dhar has concluded that Hiteswar Saikia's hands were clearly
discernible behind the formation of the ULFA in 1979. The plot further thickens
with further revelations that Saikia had developed close links with top
ULFA leaders belonging to the Ahom community including its chairman
Arabinda Rajkhowa, C-in-C, Paresh Baruah and Anoop Chetia.

A close acquaintance of the then Chief Minister, late Hiteswar Saikia,
he was closely involved with Operations Bajrang and Rhino against the
ULFA. It was also revealed that Saikia too was closely involved in
planning and execution of Operation Bajrang. "The nitty-gritty of Operation
Bajrang was worked out in collaboration with Hiteswar Saikia and
certain key human assets provided by him. The wily Ahom leader had developed
key human assets, mostly drawn from the Nepali, Bengali and Muslim
communities. These assets were contacted in Calcutta and in certain rural
locations in Meghalaya, he disclosed in his book.

Hiteswar's Ahom ethnicity had helped him in establishing equation with
Ahom Muttock (Thai-Ahom origin) leaders like Arabindo Rajkhowa, Golap
Barua, Prodip Gogoi and Paresh Baruah. "Some chilling details of
Hiteswar's linkages with the breakaway AASU leaders, who cobbled up with ULFA,
were narrated to me by Samiran way back in 1981 during one of his
clandestine visits to Delhi. At that point of time, I had treated his story
as another application of dirty tricks by the inner coterie of Indira
Gandhi," Dhar wrote.

"That was the salient point of time when Indira Congress leaders like
Hiteswar Saikia and Lalit Doley extended tacit support to the ULFA
faction of the AASU and AAGSP. They blindly tried to use the Ahom
nationalist card against the Muslims. Hiteswar did not do anything new. The
Congress Party has the distinguished history of supporting divisive forces
in the North East to its political advantage," he said.

"My personal awareness of the complicated interrelationship between the
ULFA and AASU and AGP, on the one hand, and the cream of the Indira
Congress leaders on the other gave a creeping feeling. The feeling arose
not out of version for Hiteswar. He was one of the illustrious flag
posts of Indian nationalism in the North East.

"The allegation that he had patronised the early ULFA dialogues and
extreme separatist was not unique in Indian politics. He followed the
footsteps of his illustrious political colleagues, who, almost around the
same time, had crafted out another Frankenstein in Punjab," Dhar

ULFA had gunned down number of Saikia's close relatives including his
brother. "I had done what I had to do to help Hiteswar. But I had no
illusion that he was the person responsible for aiding and abetting Indira
Congress leaders like Santosh Mohan Dev to incite the Muslims, North
Cachar tribals and the Bodos to organise dirty games against the AASU and
the AGP.

On the much-flaunted Operation Bajrang, the man who was in thick of it
described it as a mixed bag. "Operation Bajrang offered us a mixed bag.
The infected layers in the Assam administration had leaked out
information about the impending Army operations. Most of the camps were
abandoned by the ULFA leaders, some in the nick of the moment, leaving behind
huge cash (over 50 million) and gold bars.

Certain recovered materials indicated that ULFA leaders and cadres
either believed in family planning or took abundant precaution against
AIDS. They enjoyed sex! It was revealed. The former IB joint Director also
confirms ULFA close links with ISI of Pakistan and DGFI of Bangladesh.
Though the top leadership of ULFA had taken shelter in Bangladesh with
active support of the ISI operatives and under the tutelage of the
DGFI, its massive organisational wings managed to strengthen grass root
support inside Assam.

Dhar's narrative indicated that there were differences between Home
Ministry and Saikia's Government over the move to split the ULFA in 1991.
The Home Ministry was recommended by IB to mount another round of
operations to soften up the fringe elements.

The then Union Minister of State for Home Subodh Kant Sahai on a tour
of the State was informed by Governor D.D.Thakur that a section of ULFA
headed by publicity secretary, Sunil Nath was ready for negotiations
with the government. This move was based on certain false indices.
Thakur's legal acumen was not matched by his political wisdom,"
Dhar said.
The ULFA was already sucked into the ISI and DGFI network. The internal
security imbroglio in Assam had acquired foreign support.


Anonymous said...

ULFA or whoever they claim to be, in the end, have only devastated what could have been a thriving and succesful Assam.

Do the people want them around? NO

Does violence get them violence? YES

Is Assam more backward now than ever before? YES

Well then, its time to wipe out this ULFA notion once and for all - give the army a free hadn - like in Kashmir and see the results. PEACE and PROSEPERITY. Don't believe me, take a look at Punjab.

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