February 07, 2005

Chuck family planning to save Hindus' majority status: RSS

Lokpal Sethi/ Jaipur

Rashtriya Swayam Sevak (RSS) chief KC Sudarshan has advised
the Hindus of the country to plan for more children to prevent the
community from becoming a minority in the future. Addressing a huge
gathering at the Hindu Conference in Barmer, close to the international border
with Pakistan, on Sunday, he said this was necessary because the Hindu
population in the country is declining and if the present trend
continues, it would be reduced to a minority in another 50 years.

The RSS Chief said Hindus should do away with the family planning
slogan of "Hum do, Hamare do" (policy of only two children) and said a
family must have at least three children to maintain the "population
balance" and majority character of the community.

The Hindu conference was organised by the RSS at the Adrash
stadium where the turnout was impressive. Earlier, about ten thousand RSS
volunteers held a Path Sanchalan (march past), which after passing
through the main streets and bazaars of this small town culminated at the
venue of the conference. Mr Sudershan said
Hindus constituted 89.2 per
cent of the total population in 1881. They were reduced to 78.03 per cent
by 1991 whereas the population of Muslims and Christians in the country
during this period has increased 6 and 4 per cent respectively. He
pointed out that more Hindus are coming forward to adopt the family
planning policy as compared to the other two communities.

Commenting on the arrest of Kanchikamkoti Shankaracharya Jayendra
Saraswati, he said it was done mainly for political considerations. He
stressed how several cases were pending against Bukhari, the Shahi Imam
of Delhi's Jama Masjid, and his son, but none dares to arrest them for
the fear of alienating the Muslim community.

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