February 09, 2005

Impact of Islamic Demographics on Indian politics

Indian elections are won on a constituency by constituency basis and not on a combined pool basis And as a rule of thumb, When muslims reach 30%, hindus polarise in favor of BJP and when muslims reach 40%, muslims can win the constituency Stuff like Muslim-Yadav politics only works when muslims are in the 15% -30% range Once muslims cross 30% , they have no further use for Yadavs or Dalits or communists and start attacking all kafirs, in this scenario, hindus switch enmasse to BJP

Case 1 - Places like Mallapuram, 70% muslim will tend to become 90%
muslim and the excess muslim votes over 40% are wasted

Case 2
- There are a few muslim concentration constituencies that BJP wins with about 35% muslims these wil now be won by islamists, when they cross 40%

Case 3 - In many more constituencies, muslims start to reach the 30% level resulting in formerly M-Y seats being won by BJP - Shiv sena etc

This will happen in many constituencies - with no bad effect for hindutva since
we deal with an islamist directly instead of a hindu traitor backed by islamists

Case 1 seats are a lost cause anyways We will lose a handful of case 2 seats but win cartloads of case 3 seats

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