February 12, 2005

New elite sophisticated Indian Army command with Satellite feed

New elite sophisticated Indian Army command with Satellite feed; nuclear loaded stealth supersonic Indo-Russian Brahmos missiles will take control of Indo Pak border
Sudhir Chadda, Special Correspondent
February 05, 2005


Indian army chief J.J. Singh said on Feb. 4, 2005, a new army command will be mobilized in the next three months to defend India's western borders with Pakistan. In addition to using satellite equipment, Singh said the 10 battalions will be equipped for with conventional and nuclear missiles, including the Indo-Russian surface-to-surface Brahmos cruise missile.

The new command and control structure will be based on the stealth supersonic Brahmos missile with integrated control through satellite feeds.
The supersonic missile -- which derives its name from the Brahmaputra and Moscow rivers in both countries - has a range of almost 300 km and is designed for use with land, sea and aerial platforms.

Its unmatchable speed is its high point, making it invincible. The supersonic speed imparts it a greater strike-power as well. Possessing stealth characteristics, the 6.9-meter cruise missile weighing three tons has a range of 280 km. Its another outstanding feature is that it is highly accurate and can be guided to its target mainly with the help of an onboard computer. This has been established by the test-flight. The computer and the guidance system have been designed by India whereas Russia has provided the propulsion system.

The satellite feed, Brahmos and other cruise missile cluster will provide a virtual cloud cover through no Pakistani missile, planes or any other devices will be able to move into Indian territory.

The new command will be completely computer controlled and India’s superior algorithmic capabilities will make Pakistan’s all offensive initiative useless.

Indian assumes Pakistan will obtain F16s from America and will use the same in next several years against India. The new command will make these F16s obsolete for attempting any Pakistani adventure against India’s line of Control

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