February 03, 2005

Preliminary Results-- UPA in trouble , Hindu Organizations must take advantage


While it is too early to discern the outcome of the assembly elections, especially since exit polls have proven unreliable in the past, it does appear that the Congress has done worse than expected in Jarkhand and Bihar, while the BJP-JD(U) better than projected. Lalu's relatively poor performance is bound to intensify pressure on the Congress, especially at the center.

The picture is getting murky in Tamil Nadu, and if Karnataka goes to mid-term polls the Congress may be in trouble. A few years back Veerappa Moily lost the assembly election mainly because of his playing the minority card by introducing Urdu news. The Benny Hinn Show may similarly backfire on the Congress along with the Datta Peetha and Idga Maidan (flag hoisting) fisacos.

Lalu's godhra report apparently didn't work for Lalu and you can expect him to try to blacklmail the Congress.

The fact of the matter is that the communal card seems to be backfiring on the 'secularists'.

The Hindu organizations must take proper advantage of this-- AND NOT TRY TO TURN THE CLOCK BACK BY PROJECTING VAJPAYEE AS PRIME MINISTER. he has outlived his usefulness and blown his chances. He is also very unpredictable, without any commitments to any ideology or policy.

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