February 03, 2005

Vatican city's ONLY Embassy in the world at New Delhi

Vatican city Embassy in New Delhi

India is the only country in the world that has a Vatican Embassy, and it was set up during the time of Rajiv Gandhi? Difficult to believe. Would anyone have details?

Vatican city is a tiny area on the vatican hill in Rome.This is an independent papal state set up in 1929.This is situated in about seven acres of land.

No country in the world has an Embassy of Pope except India. Do we have an embassy of India in Vatican city? The anser is no. Why do we have this anti India, anti Hindu embassy in India? This was set up by Rajiv Robert Gandhi inspired by Sonia Gandhi during 1980's.

Though the U.K. does not have one for obvious reasons, and the U.S. doesn't either because of the First Amendment.

But there is no reason for India to have one, since allowing a Papal Nuncio is equivalent to recognizing the Catholic Church as a political entity. Then every Catholic Church official in India can claim diplomatic status.

(An political commentator)


Rishi said...

thats not true, there are 178 Vatican embassies in the world INCLUDING the United States and the UK, also the Vatican maintains a permanent mission to the United Nations... Just saying

Rishi said...

also India DOES have a Vatican embassy in Rome independent of its embassy to Italy