March 23, 2005

FBI infiltrated by Islamic fundamentalists , supporters of Jihad

Below is an excerpt from latest book "Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington" by Paul Sperry .

Former FBI agent John.M Cole worked with bureau’s counterintelligence division managing national programs for Afghanistan, India , Pakistan . Part of those duties required conducting what are called “risk assessments” on applicants for FBI jobs , especially foreign language specialists, to evaluate their propensity for spying on the United States , among other security risks . After 911 several personal files landed on this desk . He was the final step in their background investigation.

He looked at a file of Pakistani American who had applied for a language specialist position translating Urdu and Pasto , tongues critical to the bureau in its battle against al-quida. After tumbling through the paperwork , he felt something was missing in that file . He learnt that the applicant’s father was a retired general from Pakistan . He went ahead and ran his name (Pakistan General) through the Automated case System and came up with several hits , It turned out that this Pakistani General had at one time been the subject of an FBI investigation , an alarming piece of Information that was somehow overlooked in the preliminary backgroung check on the application .The bureau had opened a case file onn her father in the 1980’s , when he was the military attaché stationed at Pakistann’s embassy in Washington. He worked that particular target , Cole knew that the military attaches assigned there doubled as intelligence officers . And he also knew that Pakistan’s military Intelligence was in bed with Taliban , as well as Al-Quida . Infact its officers introduced Osama to Taliban leader .

Mr.Cole stumbled on another alarming piece of information that gave him great pause about the applicant.Her father , who was at the time was not a US Citizen, spent 6 months of the year in the US and other six momnths living in Pakistan . He’s got a lot of friends that are still there in Millitary intelligence , and he more than likely talks to them frequently , living there as he does six months out of the year . It was a major RED FLAG on the file , working as a translator with top secret clearance , his daughter could covertly listen to his Pakistani friends targeted in US counterintelligence and counterterrorism investigations , presenting a clear conflict of intrest and loyalties .

Compounding his concerns , the results of her polygraph exam were inconclusive . . That was troubling also for an 18 year veteran of the bureau . Mr.Cole recommended rejecting her application in his risk-assessment report , delivered to the personal security specialist . But after a week he learnt that they have hired the individual , she got a TS-SCI clearance ( Top secret / Sensitive compartmented information) government’s highest security clearance .

This Pakistani Translator , bureau sources identify her as Hadia Roberts , a Pakistani Immogrant who married a State Department official . Linguists who worked with her in the Washington field office say she frequently boasted that her father was a retired general . Known as a Muslim “Zeakit” who tries to convert collegues to Islam ,, she headed the field office’s Muslim awarness program and led prayer groups . At one point , bureau insiderssay , she also lead an effort to persuad management to install separate bathroom facilities for Muslims. She was recently promoted to headquarters and the FBI has also hired her Sons to translate highly classifted materials , sources say..
About 6 Months after Hadia Roberts of Pakistan was hired , the FBI’s counter intelligence division was handed a spy case involving Pakistan . Someone has leaked classified FBI radio frequencies to Islamabad .

Division opened an “unknown subject” case to try to determine who provided the information to the Pakiustani Embassy . Agents sent the information to the FBI’s engineering research facility down at Quantico to help isolate suspects .It was determined that the only employees who could have known the frequencies were agent and the translators who has access to the codes .

“Boy , wouldn’t that tbe something if it was one of the translators we hired “, one of the agents told his unamused supervisor . The leak is still under iinvestigation .

After 911 , Cole explains , there was a “big push” in Washington to hire translators to clear backlogs of untranslated materials , mainly in Arabic , that had been collected from surveillance of al-Quida operatives. The FBI took heat for missing clues to al-Quida plots buried in the chronic backlogs, he says , and the increased political pressure has lead to expedited hiring and shortcuts in the security backgroung checks . Bureau processed 30,000 applications after 911 . Language Services Section at FBI headquarters , employees more than 1200 linguists stationed across US , and the largest and most important squad is in Washington , home to foreign Embassies .

Finding qualified and trustworthy translators has been a special challenge in the war on Terrorism , since few native-born Americans speak Middle Eastern and Persian toungues fluently . After 911 Director Mueller issued a plea for translators among militant Islamic groups , such as the Council on American_Islamic Relations , the Islamic Society of North America , and the American Muslim Council , whose members typically pledge alligence to oIslam over America. Thousands responded to his plea , and many have marched into the FBI’s ranks. Mueller thanked American Muslim Council members at their 2002 convension . “This is absolutely crazy ,” says retired FBI special agent John Vincent , who sa\ys AMC should have been one of the last groups Mueller enlisted to help fight terrorism . Mueller thought AMC was the most “mainstream” Muslim group in America at that time . “ Ofcourse , they are not mainstream,” Vincent says . “Their founder , Alamoudi, has been convicted of plotting terrorism.”

FBI’s translator program plays vital role in interpreting interviews and intercepts of the al-quida network . The faster translators can clear backlogs of the untranslated material in Arabic, Urdu, Pasto , Farsi and other languages critical to counter terrorism , the faster they can uncover terrorist plots . The more translators , the bigger the dent they can make in the backlog .

But many trsnslators pose a grave threat to National security themselves . Some have had relationships with targets of counterterrorism and counterintelligence investigations , raising fears that translators could tip off the terrorists about investigations to help them avoid detections and even reveal the sources and methods federal authorities use to gather intelligence about their activities .

JEWS Need not apply to fight terror

Shepardic Jews lived in arab countries like Syria and Egypt and know the language , culture and history of the region , after 911 NY FBI field officer visited Shepardic Bikur Holim Jewish community center in NY to recruit Arabic linguists to help interpret interviews and intercepts of Osama Bin Ladin Network . At the meeting , Yola Haber , who heads agency’s employment division says she agreed to help recruit Arabic-speaking jews for the bureau . Most of them applied on-line for the translator jobs . All , told , she says she referred some 60 applications, possibly more , to the FBI . They included retired linguists who had experience working for Israeli Radio in Arabic and for the Israeli army .
Remarkably , not one of them was hired . “ We sent them a lot of people, and nobody made it to the finish line,” complains Shepardic Bikur Holim Director Doug Balin . “ Not one person was founf eligible for these jobs , which is outrageous” .

Instead , the FBI hired dozens of Arab-American Muslims, as well as Arab Christians ,a s translators .

REASON : Heare is the answer
The people familiar with the FBI’s foreign language program says the reason the FBI snubbed the jewish applicants has more ro do with Politica then Security . They say headquarters did not want to offend arab Christian and Muslim translators , who would have to work alongside Jews . “There’s already tension between the Hebrew and Arabic desks,” says Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI translator in Washington. “if they hired Arab Jews to translate Arabic , there would be blood-shed . Arabs never accept it. “

“This is crazy , Imagine if during the war against Hitler, Franklin D.Roosevelt felt that having jews fight Nazis might upset the everyday German? “ Shelomo , Vice President if the foundation for the Advancement of Shepardic Studies and Culture in New York , “Unfortunately , it is through the plague of political correctness that FBI does indeed offending the Muslim community by hiring Jews”

Instead of hiring Jews fluent in Arabic to help fight Muslim terrorism in the wake of 911 , the FBI has turned to the Arab-Muslim community for help , even asking American Muslim Council and other worrisome Islamist Groups to help recruit translators for the bureau . Enlisting such potentially sympathetic groups in the war on Islamic Terror is inherently fraught and risk .

But the FBI has compounded the risk by rushing Arab and Muslim applicants through the screening process , in many cases putting them to work translating classified material before completing their background investigations and approving their classified security clearance . As a result , the manin language unit in Washington has been plagues with Loyalty and security concerns – some so serious that Congress and Department of Justices’s inspectos general have urged Mueller to espionage investigations .

10 ways to defeat the perfect enemy

1. Not in my backyard
Average citizens have power to block the development of new Saudi mosques and Islamic Schools in their neighbourhood by protesting It worked in Loudoun county , Virginia . The Saudi planned to build a new 3,500 student campus- complete with a towering minaret – in the county . But school officials scrapped the plan not long after locals warned of a “Saudi invasion” , and raised concerns about terrorism . One local pastor who objected to the Islamic School argues that the Saudis should not be given free reign to promote their religion in Ameerica when they will not even allow American Christians and Jews practice their religion in Saudi Arabia .

Citizens should also find what kind of mosque is going up in the neighbourhood, and who is backing it . I did . I noticed a large mosque under construction not far from my home in Fairfax , Virginia . So I investigated . After pulling the real estate records at the county courthouse , I discovered the trustees were from Pakistan , and even used a notary public registered in Lahore , Pakistan – a major red Flag . Pakistan m the cradle of the Taliban Movement , was the base of operations for many of the 9/11 plotters, and the country remains sanctuary for top al-quida leaders . Then I learnet that the lead trustee, Mian Muhammad Saeed, is also the imam of the Moaque , called the Islamic Center of Northern Virgina. It turned out that Saeed was the spiritual adiser to the Pakistani terrorist who last decade fatally gunned down 2 CIA employees and wounded 3 others outside the agency’s headquarters in nearby Langley , Virginia . After his recent execution , the Pakistani community hailed him as a martyr . Saeed is a hard-line Pakistani cleric . This is the information the public should be aware of , especially the Christian church and Jewish school that will be the mosque’s neighbours

Residents have the right to petition local officials who approve construction permits for such hard-line mosques . Neighbours also have right to tip off the FBI to any suspicious activity at such mosques.

2. Enforce the oath of allegiance
3. Profile Muslim Travellers
4. audit Muslim Charities and Mosques
5. Break off official ties with CAIR
6. Expose the Saudi Embassy
7. Deny Security clearance to Muslim activists
8. Offer scholarships in Arabic
9. Fight Muslim activism in Public Schools
10. Step up counterterrorism training at QUANTICO


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Anonymous said...

I worked at the US Embassy with Donald Roberts and Hadia and speaking as a British christian find it unbelievable that such a good, kind, upstanding person like Hadia could be involved in anything evil or underhand. Hadia was always proud of being married to an American and openly loved America; highly intelligent she would have been aware of the consequences of biting the hand that feeds you. She was also ambitious for her sons and feel sure she would not have done anything stupid that would have been to her sons detriment. She was aware of US being the land of opportunity for her and her family and in all the time I met with her she remained at all times adeptly confidential, chatting to me and my Mum about everything and nothing. If you met her husband an employee at the Embassy, you would say 'what a darn good man'. He was a quiet, conscientious and passionately committed to the love of his country type of man, perhaps 'apple pie American', and very intelligent with it. He was nobody's fool.

So, I am just wondering, maybe, before people's names are displayed and portrayed on these websites without any real concrete evidence, destroying family lives and wreaking havoc if innocent, evidence without doubt or reason should be absolute. Individuals should not be 'hung out to dry', as our western values have always been 'innocent until proven guilty'. Speaking as a kind christian, unfair and unbalanced reporting can only serve to turn these culturally different, religious citizens into what we are accusing them of, enforcing enemies of the west that we are the zealots that they desperately want us to be. To keep our standards, we must never allow our western values of justice, freedom of speech etc to be devalued through acts of injustice. Condemnation of an act until absolutely proven is an awful injustice.

Anonymous said...

I knew Hadia and her family since I was a child.Mr Sperry!you could not have found anything better to do your investigative reporting.Your claims are so baseless,it seems you have a personal vendetta against Hadia(May God bless her soul.Amen!)and her family.Why shouldn't she be proud of her father like you qouted a fellow translator.Her father had been a POW of the Japanese.You question this family's integrity and patriotism to Us.You should have talked to all the people she and her father knew here in Washington instead of talking to some stupid smalltime FBI person whose wish to not hire Hadia was not granted.She had so much talent in her that your stupid reporting look like a Kindergarteners work in front of her knowledge and experience.Yes!she was a proud Muslim and looked out for the Muslim interest.Don't Jews look out for their interest.I think you just can't tolerate Muslim Guts or acknowledge their services to this country.There is always an ulterior motive.Isn't it?Next time produce a piece that is backed by some solid evidence not a piece of "National Enquirer style BLOG"Idiot!

Anonymous said...

How dare you accuse someone as dedicated as Hadia Roberts (God rest) without proper judge of personality, because upon a visit with her, your accusation would immediately disappear. One's origins have no effect on the current loyalty, and that should have been considered. Regarding her sons and husband, the same iron and pure virtues are instilled, making her family one of the best to be around. In future, please do not use religious stereotypes to define someone who you know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

LOLOL !! Hadia's IQ would provoke an inferiority complex in any regular human , who was not at par with her level of intellect. This FBI person seems to fit that that category. Having said that, let me say that I know the Jilani Family from very close quarters.This family is all about anti Paki and pro white,especially pro USA. For this family , " the sun shines out of the American Ass", especially if its white. Such was the early indoctrination of the JIlani kids. It was planned by the mother that the family would move to the USA and the daughters will ONLY marry white Yanks. One of the daughters married a Pakistan Military officer, but the mother made sure that through calculated intervention, the marriage went up in smoke. The Jilani kids were very well indoctrinated from an early age to believe that their father was a victim of Political rivalry in Pakistan. The fact is that the Gen ( a hot headed political rival )was conducting subversive activities against the country and the then Political clout, and hence had to face consequences. This family is more pro USA and anti Paki than most Americans....give me a break Sperry MASON .