March 04, 2005

Meet the Joker ,Rahul Gandhi , as Satyagrahi

Rahul is yet to make a speech in the Lok Sabha, but he didn't disappoint TV crews. He came up with measured but pointed soundbytes. "We have come to learn here, but that is not being allowed," the 34-year-old first-termer said.

He appealed to the opposition stalwarts not to "disrupt and destroy the parliamentary process".

"If you want to protest, do that, but allow the House to continue," he said. He pointed out that the adjournments over the past few days had already cost the exchequer Rs 52 crore.

With disapproval of governor Sibtey Razi's action mounting, Rahul's political activism did divert attention as photographers clicked merrily. But soon enough, Jharkhand was centre-stage again as NDA leaders with 41 MLAs marched to Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Public reaction

Meet Rahul Gandhi, the satyagrahi
NEW DELHI: Rahul sat below the statue of Mahatma, holding posters decrying the "desecration of the temple of democracy".

Indiatimes Id:pkheruka
Quite absurd, trying to protect "democracy" in Parliament, while stabbing it in Jharkhand! Does he have no respect at all for the Indian voters' sensibilities?
Friday, March 04, 2005 11:23:10 am

Indiatimes Id:aremar
The protest against democracy is laudable But will it be done for Jarkand attempt by Gocernor as well
Friday, March 04, 2005 07:20:37 am

Indiatimes Id:srajesha
This is height of hypocracy what he is doing. why dont he protest about Governor action that is the cause of this that is working like a congress employee
Friday, March 04, 2005 05:36:53 am

Indiatimes Id:venkat_pillai
instead of putting heading as statyagrahi. it should have been "Meet another idiot from the Nehru/Gandhi family" shameless and unrepentent on muredering democracy
Friday, March 04, 2005 05:25:35 am

Indiatimes Id:dandeepak
If he truly means what he says, he needs to hold his satyagraha infront of the PM office, in front of the congress president's ofic, and in front of his italian mother. jai hind
Friday, March 04, 2005 04:29:47 am

Indiatimes Id:johnwon
I don't understand why Rahul Gandhi is giving so much importance. What has he really done. He and his mother use the 'Ghandhi' name wrongly. They are not Mahathma Gandhi's relatives they are Feroz Gandhi and Indhira, both crooks.
Friday, March 04, 2005 03:23:25 am

Indiatimes Id:siril9
what an ass licker this article is. obssesstion with the DYNASTY is unpardonable.please stop licking asses
Friday, March 04, 2005 02:47:12 am

Indiatimes Id:oocares
In the din of Parliament disruptions, I hope Mr Rahul Gandhi heard the cries of Indian Constitution being raped in Jharkhand even while it was in the process of bing disrobed in Bihar! I hope he takes tomorrow off again with the 20 usual junior artistes he hired today and advocates the cause of Democracy again.
Friday, March 04, 2005 02:24:22 am

Indiatimes Id:premendra_in
Why not Rahul & Co. protest against Razi & Jamir In his first political action outside Amethi, Rahul and a band of 20-odd young Congress MPs sat below the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, holding posters decrying the "desecration of the temple of democracy". Because of them Glady Staines got padmashree and Kanchi Mutt Seer got jail. BJP MP Ravi Shankar Prasad sneered: "These people have killed democracy first, now they want to save it! Rahul Gandhi does not know what his grandmother (then prime minister Indira Gandhi) did in 1975 imposing emergency rule. Now his mother Sownia Gandhi is also doing it." Rahul is yet to make a speech in the Lok Sabha, but he didn't disappoint TV crews. He came up with measured but pointed soundbytes. "We have come to learn here, but that is not being allowed," the 34-year-old first-termer said. People want to know participation record of these Congress dynastic children in parliament. Rahul Gandhi & Co. staged a sit-in outside Parliament. They are sorry not to go training classes in parliament! Are these dynasic youths not wasting time & money of peple? How Rahul could get M.Phil without being B.A.? How her mother passed in cambrige without attending classes there? Sonia & Rahul did not kidnap Kislay but they kidnapped bogus degrees Sonia did not take admission in Cambridge, but publicized through affidvit that she was studying in Cambridge. Subramanyam Swamy filed an case in Supreme Court in this regard. Rahul is M. Phil without being B.A. Is it possible? Running Bogus Engineering Company An obscure engineering company with a near-invisible office on Arthur Bunder Road in Colaba has bagged some of the biggest and most prestigious building projects in Mumbai, when Shinde was CM. The office of Backups is in Puran Nivas on Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba. But it is so nondescript, even the watchman of the building doesn't know it exists. What the watchman does know, however, is that the office of 'Rajani Associate' is on the fourth floor and that one could check there. The glass door of Rajani Associate reveals a huge name stamped on the walls inside: Backops Engineering. Rahul Gandhi's Mumbai millions of Brief of news report dated May 27, 2004, under heading Rahul Gandhi's Mumbai millions Rahul is back on the shaadi scene Waiting list Katrina: 19-year old model and wanna shine actress Celina: Miss India Kareena: daughter of the Kapoor khandan Juvenitta: Suits him fine! For all the luscious babes who swoon over Rahul, our man is already hooked, lineed and sinkered by a mystery lady from Columbia.
Friday, March 04, 2005 01:57:50 am

Indiatimes Id:sewlani

where was rahul gandhi, when his own congress party was disturbing the proceedings of parliments on the issue of tehelka tapes. why his party was not concerned about waste of public money and precious time. this is called DOUBLE STANDARDS of CONGRESS PARTY
Friday, March 04, 2005 01:56:23 am


Anonymous said...

Anyway he spoke like a fool in front of the media. With a below-par Hindi vocabulary, he ended up speaking ome Hindi, some Urdu , some English, some gibberish.

It was comical to say the least; probably horrendous to others. If he
continues to talk like he currently does (like a moron), expect more rural voters to vote for BJP.

The educated middle-class with its own pop patriotism is unlikely to
swayed by Rahul or his further Columbian-Italian progeny. His target has to be the lower caste Hindu and Muslim votebank : and those 2 sections cannot currently understand one word of what he mutters..or utters..or whatever.

Yours sincerely
TK Rajesh

Anonymous said...

See to what state the Congress has been reduced to? If Sonia stumbles, there is no one in the party who can take charge. They have to parade this mentally retarded boy before the nation.

In the next national election, who is going to lead the Congress campaign, now that Sonia has lost her luster? Manmohan, Shivaraj Patil, Arjun Singh, Ambika Soni?

And Shekar Gupta in the Express thinks that Sonia Gandhi should have been preparing the ground for Rahul to lead the nation! This tells you that the media is also part of the dynasty retainer service.
-- N S Rajaram

Anonymous said...

But, he and his dynasty family trades on the Gandhi name, Rajesh. Why is he still holding Italian citizenship? It may stand him in good stead, in case the family has to emigrate back to the Vatican or


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