April 19, 2005

Only one more Pope?

Nostradamus also prophecized the same.
I hope they all are true this time.

I p191 (cVIII-46)

During the period that the Antichrist begins to flex his power, the
current pope will be assassinated when he goes on a trip away from
the Vatican. The two cardinals nearest to the pope will realize the
danger to their church after the death, and they will close
themselves up in the Vatican to try to protect themselves.

The current Pope is desirous of world peace and is working against
some established power parties within the Roman church. A point will
come when the special interests inside the church who want to hold
onto their power and wealth will misadvise the Pope in such a way as
to place him in a dangerous situation which he is unaware of. The
assassination will lead to social unrest and rioting in Rome. The
next pope will not last long. There will be only two other popes
after the present one.

I p192 (cII-97)

The pope and several of his entourage will be assassinated in late
spring when the roses bloom, at a European city that is at the
junction of two major rivers.

I p194 (cII-15)

The present pope will be assassinated shortly prior to the appearance
of a comet that will be clearly visible from the sky of the Northern
Hemisphere. His concern for the human condition, leading him to
treacherous travel arrangements, wil be his downfall. The next pope
will be assassinated by the Antichrist because he won't submit to
his demands. The assassination allows the Antichrist to install his
"tool" into the office.

f. Second-to-last pope "swallowed" by Antichrist's schemings

I p193 (cI-4)

The second-to-last pope instated after the assassination of the
current one will have a short reign. Due to political blunders and
mistakes he will pave the way for the final pope to be a tool of the
Antichrist. His reign is an omen of the final downfall of the church.

I p 196 (cII-36)

Before the Antichrist comes to full power it will appear that other
leaders are above him and in control of the power structure other
than him. In reality the Antichrist is using them as stepping stones
in his quest for world power. During this period he will have
traitorous cardinal working for him, spying on the second-to-last
pope. One of the cardinals will steal information from him and alter
the pope's personal correspondence, so that it has different
connotations. It will make the situation appear inordinately worse
than it is in reality, causing the pope to react inappropriately.
This way the populace will be more likely to see him as incompetent
and destabilize his authority, possibly by being assassinated. The
cardinal will be troubled by his betrayal because of the obvious
dissension it causes the Church, but he is allied with the Antichrist
and will rationalize away his backstabbing.

g. The treachery of the final pope

I p 197 (cIII-65)

The last pope will be elected shortly after the discovery of the tomb
of an ancient Roman whose philosophies greatly influence western
thought, something like within a year's time. This is the "poisonous"
pope that is actually only a tool for the Antichrist who will bring
about the ultimate destruction of the Catholic church.

I p 200

The last pope will probably be French, with a swarthy complexion and
blue eyes. There will be an air of mystery to him. He will have a
physical deformity of some sort, like a slightly hunched shoulder or
clubfoot, a congenital defect in the bone. (It won't be caused by
injury, he was born with it.) His mind has been scarred by the
deformity and the cruelty and callousness of people toward others who
are different.

He entered the church at a young age out of bitterness and desperation
because he knew he would never get a girl to love and marry him. His
parents were involved with the Nazi movement in France and his
schoolmates taunted him with names like "Nazi lover". This pope could
have been kindly if it weren't for his childhood environment and
experiences, but instead was warped into cruelty from pain, and he
wants to "get back" at the world for his suffering while young. This
is a weakness that the Antichrist exploits.

This pope will want to show his enemies, "look at me; I'm powerful; I
can do it; I'm better than you." After he attins the power he
desires, he will be indirectly responsible for the murder of innocent
people because of his alignment with the Antichrist. He will not
murder anyone himself, but will open up avenues for the Antichrist to
do so, particularly those who hurt him when he was young. This
future pope now appears to be kindly on the surface because it is
advantageous for him to be perceived that way, but the sinister side
of his personality is deeply rooted.

I p 202 (cII-76)

The final pope will betray his Church by revealing extremely crucial
and sensitive information directly to the Antichrist, information
that the Antichrist could never have obtained even through his spies
in the church.

h. Demise of the Catholic Church

I p193 (cX-70)

Ruin will befall the Catholic church because of its leaders' ambition
for illegitimate power. The leaders will become vainglorious and
think that they can handle whatever they desire to grasp, and it will
be their downfall. Their ambitions will be chilled when they fail and
the church will be subject to great upheaval, with the Pope
ultimately being dethroned. Catholics will become alienated and
disillusioned with the powermongering, will no longer support the
church, and the sphere of influence of the Church will greatly

I p 209 (cV-25)

The base of the Catholic Church in Rome will be destroyed in an
accident, as if the city sank into the sea. This will somewhat
coincide with events in the Middle east and some people will connect
the two, but in reality it is a coincidence. However the Arabs will
quickly take advantage of the situation even though they didn't cause
it. The restrictions of the Vatican will cause the church to crumble.
They may rally, but it will be a blow they will never recover from.

The downfall will reveal why the church finally collapsed after
surviving so many centuries. The accident will be a combination of
natural and human-triggered disasters. The force will involve the sea
and a great energy force from the sky descending and dissolving the
landscape. It will be termed a natural disaster because it's beyond
the capability of anyone on the earth to produce the force. No one
can find any cause so it is labelled an "Act of Nature". However, the
more important event of the time, which people will be distracted
from noticing, is the Antichrist's invasion of Turkey.



Only one more Pope?

April 18, 2005

According to a prophecy made in the 12th century, there would be only 112 popes left. Whoever is elected Pope in the next few days will be the 111th.

After that, according to the prophecy, there will be just one more pope. And then Rome -- and the Catholic church -- will be wiped out. In the words of the prediction, 'the city of seven hills shall be destroyed, and the dreadful Judge shall judge the people.'

The man who made this prediction was St Malachy, an Irish bishop and clairvoyant. While on a visit to Rome, St Malachy is said to have fallen into a trance and seen a vision of all the popes to come. Writing in the year 1139, he described each of them in a single, sometimes cryptic, but ultimately apt, Latin phrase. And so far he has been remarkably -- even eerily – accurate.

For example, he described Pope Paul VI, who held the position from 1963 to 1978, as Flos Florum, which means 'Flower of Flowers.' Paul VI's coat of arms, as it happened, featured three fleurs-de-lis, or iris blossoms.

His successor, John Paul I, who was Pope for one ill-fated month before he suddenly died, was described by St Malachy as De Medietate Lunae, or 'Of the half moon.' People were puzzled by the description at first, but after he died they realised that he had come to power at the time of the half moon and died by the next half moon.

The late John Paul II was described as De Labore Solis, or 'Of the eclipse of the sun.' It turns out that he was born on May 18, 1920 during a solar eclipse.

These prophecies were first published in the 16th century, and the Vatican tried, for perhaps obvious reasons, to suppress them, but failed.

The next Pope, whose name will be announced shortly, is described in the prophecies as Gloria Olivae, or 'The glory of the olive.' What exactly does this clue mean? We cannot tell as yet. Some believe that it means he will come from the Benedictine order, which is symbolised by the olive. Others argue that the olive signifies Israel. As in the case of many prophets and seers, St Malachy's clues often become clear to us only after the fact.

In the 112th and final prophecy St Malachy refers darkly to a Pope he calls Petrus Romanus, or Peter the Roman. 'In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will lead his sheep through many tribulations, at the end of which the city of seven hills shall be destroyed, and the dreadful Judge shall judge the people.'

As the college of cardinals works feverishly to elect the successor to Pope John Paul II over the next few days, they will have to wrestle with various criteria -- political, organisational, theological and moral. And to make things more complicated, they may also want to make sure that, in order to forestall any further doomsaying, whoever they choose has absolutely nothing to do with the words 'The glory of the olive.'

But with these things you can never really tell: the description often manifests itself only much later. Pope Benedict XV, for example, was referred to by St Malachy as Religio Depopulata, or 'Religion laid waste,' and at first nobody could understand the relevance of this clue. It was only after his reign unfolded, from 1914 onwards, that World War I and the Russian revolution made its meaning terribly, terribly clear.


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