April 19, 2005

RSS' Sudarshan Chakra

RSS' Sudarshan Chakra
- By Siddhartha Reddy
19 April 05.
The Asian Age

RSS chief Sudarshan deserves praise for showing the mirror to the
Vajpayee-Advani duo. If they look ugly in that mirror, instead of
cursing Sudarshan, they and their associates should quit politics.

The RSS has wielded the Sudarshan Chakra, Lord Krishna's ultimate

From March 13-15, 1,200 delegates constituting the RSS' highest debating
body, Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha, met at Mangalore, a meeting
which Advani attended. A vital decision was announced there, that in
future, the RSS central office will not issue directions about
elections. The sanghchalaks, karyavahaks and pracharaks won't
participate in electioneering. In each constituency, swayamsevaks could
support the BJP, another party or stay neutral. It was a clear signal
that the BJP does not have the RSS' approval. The hint went unheeded, so
Sudarshan went public. Now Vajpayee must resign as NDA chairman and
Advani must quit as the Leader of Opposition and party president.
Hanging around would be shameless.

Make no mistake, this is not a BJP vs RSS battle. The Advani faction,
after getting party control, destroyed the karyakartas' grievance
redressal system. They had to either follow his faction's diktat or die
instant political death. The atmosphere was suffocating, so Sudarshan

It's an unprecedented mahayudh, where the entire Sangh Parivar is up in
arms against the group that has hijacked the BJP. The BJP provides the
leaders, while the core karyakartas belong to the RSS. The BJP isn't a
separate entity, but just one petal of the RSS lotus.

Sudarshan is the sarsanghchalak (chairman), a hint from him is enough
for the presidents (CEOs) of the Sangh organisations, BJP, VHP, Bajrang
Dal etc., to resign, withdraw from politics and fade away. So the BJP
shouldn't have issued a statement contradicting the sarsanghchalak.

If Sudarshan and Advani summon a nationwide meeting of karyakartas at
the same time at different venues, every BJP karyakarta with RSS links
will be at Sudarshan's meeting. A national council meet will support

Advani and Vajpayee will soon install Rajnath Singh as BJP president, to
ensure a stranglehold of the organisation. The RSS will agree but within
months a new leadership will be crowned.

The UPA government is not exposing BJP corruption. The results of a
combined investigation by CBI, tax, intelligence and enforcement
agencies into BJP leadership's wealth since 1996 would be mind boggling.

Advani's associates manipulate the media and plant demeaning stories
against popular leaders to ensure Advani's vice-like grip on the
organisation. Senior leaders brought up on a diet of discipline and
loyalty suffer in silence refusing to speak to the media, since they
don't want to harm the organisation. People like Ram Madhav bring bad
name to the RSS by following the diktat of the people who control the

The RSS functions like a perfect democracy with collective leadership at
every level. On every issue at every level, there is intense, open and
fearless debate. Once a decision is taken, every participant swears by
it. The sarsanghchalak symbolises the RSS' collective will and thought.

The RSS isn't individual-centric. Its priorities are ideology, social
transformation, national security, and Hindu-preservation. To carry
forward its objectives, the RSS picks up individuals from time to time,
provides logistical support, and projects that person as a mahapurush
(great man) and mobilises the karyakartas for him.

It was the RSS that projected Vajpayee as a great centrist leader.
Vajpayee is a dedicated swayamsevak. The entire nation believed that
Vajpayee was good and the RSS was bad. That is not true. The NDA came
into existence because the RSS fabricated the image of Vajpayee's
centrism. Nitish Kumar, George Fernandes and the others understood this
truth quite late. Hence, nowadays they are respectful of the RSS. It was
the RSS that built Advani as the hero of the Ram temple movement. It was
the RSS that projected Advani as a hardliner to appeal to Hindu

Once the BJP came to power, Vajpayee and Advani removed RSS' influence
from the government and the BJP. They started believing that their
stature was their own creation, that they were bigger than the RSS, that
the RSS was a nuisance, to be humoured occasionally, suffered
perennially and chastised whenever the RSS objected to their personal
political agenda. Advani does not have a base, nor voters. Vajpayee has
an electoral base. But karyakartas dislike both.

The RSS takes phenomenal decisions, sometimes hurting its own political
organisations. If the RSS feels that supporting a party or an individual
who is abusive to the RSS, is necessary in pursuit of its own agenda or
national interest, it does so courageously. In 1971, the RSS backed
Indira Gandhi in the post-Bangladesh war mid-term poll. It supported
Jaya Prakash Narayan in 1975, Morarji Desai in 1977. Pained by Indira
Gandhi's assassination, it unsolicitedly supported Rajiv's Congress in
the 1984 elections, when the BJP got just two seats, with Vajpayee
losing his own. The RSS propped up V.P. Singh in 1989, though he
humiliated the RSS while taking its support. It supported Narasimha Rao
in 1991-92.

It's now time for the RSS to introspect and reform. Does the RSS want to
represent only Hindu thought? Must it not represent a combined national
thought? India belongs to all, irrespective of religion.

The Pakistani establishment wants a Hindu-Muslim conflict in India. If
Hindus and Muslims unite, the Pakistan Army loses a cause. If India
succeeds, then partition becomes meaningless. The Congress, Communists
and their allies want the Muslim vote. They want the RSS to be
aggressively pro-Hindu to shepherd the Muslims into their tents. But the
truth is, no politician on either side of the divide is secular. As long
as there is a divide they cannot be secular. The RSS must erase this

Let us no longer count the fallen leaves of a bloody communal autumn.
Let us plant the new bio-technology saplings of a secular India. So that
spring, when it comes, integrates every section of our society into one
powerful mainstream.

If a Sudarshan-led new RSS can unite India, it will be performing a
mahayagnya. That must be the RSS' aim from now on.

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