May 13, 2005

Mayawati : Dalit ki Beti OR using DALIT tag to amass disproportionate assets

Go Mayawati Goooooooo

New Delhi: Infuriated by CBI questioning her in a disproportionate assets case, BSP President Mayawati on Thursday threatened to withdraw her party’s outside support to the government, unless “harassment” of a Dalit was stopped immediately. Raising the issue in the Rajya Sabha immediately after the House met for the day, a visibly agitated BSP supreme said her party might have to withdraw support to the government.

(Remarks by G.C.Asnani : This so-called leader of Dalits considers herself to be above law because she thinks that she and her followers are exempt from punishment due to the certificate of Dalitism. Many leaders of Dalits have accumulated too much money by absolutely immoral methods; such leaders carry vote-banks with them and get a shelter under any political party which wants to rule over the country. Ms Mayawati is enjoying the support and protection of the ruling Congress Party. Hence, she threatens to bring down this brittle government if her money is investigated. Shall we call this Rule of Law or Rule of Lawlessness?)

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