May 13, 2005

Top Karntaka Police Official involved in Christian Conversions

15/05/2003 At 12:21

H.T. Sangliana Director General of Police (Prisons) of Karnataka is directly involved with few Christian Missionaries in Conversions in Rural Areas of Karnataka.

Sangliana, an I.A.S of 1969 Batch from Meghalaya, was the Police Commissioner of Bangalore City and Director General of Police till recently. Sangliana, a North Eastern Christian, has been in the news for quite some time in Karnataka for being too much biased with Christian and Muslim organizations.

The moment he assumed charge of his office, he first tried to keep track on all the Hindu organizations. He was given a free hand by the previous Chief Minister of Karnataka S.M. Krishna and few of his cabinet colleagues.

The First time when Sangliana came to limelight was in Nov 2001, when few Hindu Organizations protested against some Christian Missionaries in Doddabalapur (Bangalore Rural), where mass conversions were being held. Violence broke out when the Christian missionaries attacked the Hindus. But the DGP instead of taking action and arresting the missionaries, instead ordered the arrest of all members of Hindu organizations and got them booked under false cases, many of whom are still undergoing imprisonment.

There are plenty of instances where this Police Top Brat was involved; he has ordered Arrest of over 1,000 activists for just attending in the All India R.S.S meet held in Hebbal Bangalore in 2001. He ordered Arrest of the Activists without any warrant. These activists were brutally beaten and tortured by the Police Officers.

In another Instance, Sangliana stood and supported the Church people, when they were involved in demolishing of Maa Bhagavathi temple in Devanahalli (Bangalore Rural) and Sri Durgamba Temple in Banaswadi (Bangalore) in 2002. In both the cases the temples were demolished for construction of Churches despite strong protest by various Hindu Organisations other than R.S.S. The Protestors had failed as they had no alternative left because the church members were supported by the Chief Minister himself and two of his cabinet colleagues T.JOHN (Infrastructure Minister) & J.ALEXANDER (Bharthinagar M.L.A) and above all VYALAR RAVI (A.I.C.C KARNATAKA), who has close links to Sonia Gandhi. Today 84 Churches have come up in this area in the span of last two years.

Sangliana and few other officers from the Police Department give lectures about Bible to all students every Saturday at the BIBLE COLLEGE OF INDIA, Bangalore. These colleges consists over 1,000 Students who are mostly from North Eastern States.

The Hindu community people have been the target of Sangliana even during the celebrations of any of the Hindu Festival or any National Celebration. The DGP was strict with Hindu people; he drafted a time frame for celebrations of Ganesh Chathurthi and other Hindu Festivals. In fact, since the last year he has banned the use of traditional fire-crackers during Diwali celebrations.

Very recently, after India’s success over Pakistan in the World Cup cricket match, when Indians were celebrating the victory, a group of over 300 Muslims protested the celebration and attacked the celebrating Hindus with dangerous soda bottles. Over 84 Hindus were severely injured and 14 of them died in the attack by the Islamists.

But to everybody’s surprise only 8 Muslims were arrested and 518 Hindus arrested for just taking part in the celebration. The very next day all the 8 Muslims who were arrested by the police, were ordered to be released without paying any bail amount by the DGP Sangliana, C.K. JAFFER SHARIEF (CONGRESS M.P) and ROSHAN BAIG (TOURISM AND HAJ MINISTER KARNATAKA). Till today, there are over 312 Hindus still undergoing imprisonment in Bangalore jail, as they do not have enough money to pay out for bail.

When a group of around 20-25 men meet the Chief Minister of Karnataka, the Chief Minister brushed aside their plea and told them the following words: “ IT IS BETTER THAT YOU PEOPLE MIND YOUR BUSINESS, IF YOU ARE SO MUCH CONCERNED ABOUT ANTI-NATIONALS, YOU MAY JOIN THEM IN THEIR CELL , I WILL MAKE ARRANGEMENTS”.

We know that Chief Minister of Karnataka is bound by his loyalty to his Italian Leader Sonia Gandhi, In fact, the Chief Minister, his son and other members of his party are getting monetary benefist from few Italian Companies who are actually close to his madam. So he alone is not be blamed for all the happenings in Karnataka, but the entire Government Machinery of Karnataka has failed to put a check on the activities and rise of Missionaries and Madarassas in Karnataka. It is still not late, before it is completely in the hands of Anti-Hindu Forces.


Ben Sailo said...

I really find this post funny. First of all get a proper data before you post. For your kind information, Mr. Sangliana is an IPS officer and not an IAS officer. And he hails from Mizoram and not Meghalaya. Your first few lines spoils the whole content.

Anonymous said...

your "facts" are indeed funny. You have enlarged Sangliana's area of responsibility much beyond the city of Bangalore where he was the beloved Commissioner of police. Sangliana has been known very well all over Karnataka for his impertialityand fair judgement.Everyone suspects your allegation which they know is false. Why don't you meet with him and ascertain it and have your rightful opinion?? Please do it. Yours sincerely, The One who knows Sangliana

Anonymous said...

Cant stop laughing :) funny indeed