June 04, 2005

Will US nuke North Korea to send a message to China

According to Executive Intelligence Review , Bush Administration is determined to nuke North Korea to send a message to china . "One well-placed Washington source recounted a discussion several years back, with a leading neoconservative insider. The neocon boasted that, following the invasion of Iraq, the Bush-Cheney Administration would move against Syria and Iran. But before leaving office, the neocon insider boasted, Team Bush would take direct action against North Korea. "We will use nuclear weapons against Pyongyang," he promised. "And this will be intended first and foremost as a message to China." -- EIR

As EIR reported in a cover story two weeks ago, the Pentagon has finalized a new "global strike" doctrine, CONPLAN-8022, which, for the first, time, integrates mini-nuclear weapons into the conventional arsenal. Despite a decade-old Congressional ban on the development and deployment of mini-nukes, the Bush Administration has produced an unspecified number of B-61 "mod 11" small-scale "bunker buster" nuclear warheads, that can be delivered by Stealth bombers, and even by F-16 fighter jets. Stealth bombers have been recently pre-positioned in South Korea by the U.S. Air Force .


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