July 14, 2005

Baloch Society Of North America formally Launched , trouble for Pakistan

As we said in our earlier article that Balochs in North America are forming a new organization called "Baloch Society Of North America " , a Non-profit Organization , now it is officially launched . At

tits website http://www.BSO-NA.org , it states the organization is " working to unite and Organize all Baloch in North America, to expose the Occupation and Oppressive policies of Pakistani and Iranian Governments against Baloch people and our Baloch land (Balochistan), and to bring their Human Rights Violations in Balochistan into the world’s Notice. " . The website has picture of all baloch leaders and interviews of BSO leader Dr.Imad .

Dr. Wahid Baloch,the principle promoter of BSO-NA told IntelliBriefs , that general body meeting will be held on December 16th-18th, 2005 "after talking to many friends in US, Canada and overseas, based on their suggestions, we have decided to extend that date of our First General Body meeting Of BSO-NA from Aug 13-14 to December 16th-18th, 2005, so that we can finish the membership campaign and have enough time to prepare ourselves better for the meeting "

This meeting will be attended by guests from all over world by delaying " Also this will give enough time to our overseas guests to apply for the US visa and make travel arrangements. The invitation letters are ready and will be sent out soon to the participants. " said Dr.Wahid Baloch

Further the website stated that " July 15th is the "Shuada-e-Balochistan Day". Please don't forget the sacrifices made by our these Heroes for our great Nation. Let’s follow their footsteps and be resolut and determined in our fight against our enemies to save our Baloch Nation. Long live Balochistan and Long live Baloch Struggle for Freedom. "

In it's open letter to President of US , it accused Pakistan of occupying their lands and committed Human rights Violation . "From 1977-2005, Pakistan continues its crime against Baloch people. Thousand Baloch political activists and students have been arrested since then and are being tortured in secret jails. Many are missing, including Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch, Goher Baloch and Akther Nadeem Baloch. Pakistani military, paramilitary and security forces are given tasks to arrest, kidnap or kill any Baloch who talks or think about freedom. More than 600 military check post have been established all over Balochistan to control the activities and
movements of Baloch people. " .

Iranian government " has distorted political, economical and cultural development of Balochistan and insulted the human dignity of Baloch people. Religion is manifestly being used as a mean to assimilate Baloch nationality into Persian national identity. These basic realities have reinforced the Baloch’s general feeling of frustration and determination of having their own independent State. " , stated in that letter .

This organization is first of its kind which is aimed to educate leaders in North America about "pakistani and Iranian oppression " . IntelliBriefs sources said that Pakistan's commercial/strategic ties with China , particularly strategic Gawadhar project and US aversion to Chinese presence in that Strategic location , will enhance Baloch ties with US ,adding voice to their struggle. One possible move by Pakistan to suppress Baloch activism may be , to ask Chinese to quit from the project and invite US and UK to build the Gawadhar , as US and UK mentioned their intrest to participate in that project . It should be noted that recently many balochi leaders have met US ambassorore privately and officially and the discussions are not revealed in public . Pakistani authorities and intelligence has produced a report to MUsharraf on the nature of communication between Baloch Laders and US representatives .

The current Balochi Nationalists , younger generation in particular ,are educated in western capitals ,are smart enough to lobby , and were successful earlier to being their struggle to the world stage .

With washington's Oil intrests in Central asia , Balochistan will be the next focus point in the world theater , as many of the oil pipeline have to cross Balochistan to cater energy hungry India and south east asia . Balochis have stated openly that any pipeline to India via Balochistan will be at the "good will" of balochis , so India - US - Baloch nationalists nexus will play a major role in future .

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