July 11, 2005

Indian Muslim Terror Component

It is becoming increasingly clear that Muslims in rest of India are being pulled into conducting terrorist acts. When this could happen in Kashmir, there is no reason why it couldn't happen in the rest of India.

The Ayodhya attack is likely carried out by Indian Muslims. If not, some Indian Muslims aided those who did it.

Establishment of mosques and madarasas, funded by Middle East nations is finally bearing fruit -- creating a fundamentalist mindset among majority of Indian Muslims, with India now descending into a full-fledged jihad.

In essence India will be fighting an endless war inside its own territory. This was envisioned and planned by Pakistani establishment and funded by Middle East nations. Under this jihad India will see a systematic and escalating destruction of majority Hindu religious institutions and its economic assets.

Obviously, India is badly in need of new ideas and new leaders (and of course new analysts as well).

China today offers a successful mode of non-democratic governing -- how a large nation can focus on economic growth while keeping a check on instabilities. A wealthy, educated and prosperous China -- like Taiwan or South Korea will eventually transition itself to a functioning democracy.

A dysfunctional democracy in India is on the verge of plugging into a civil war that is certain to devastate its economy. This will lead to a rupture of India’s fault-lines and its eventual disintegration.

Earlier Indian citizens realize this, better off they will be.


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