July 08, 2005

Islamification must be stopped --British National Party

BNP leader makes emergency appeal

7th July 2005

News article filed by BNP news team


"Stay calm. Give blood. Blame Blair not ordinary Muslims." This is the earnest and sincere advice from British National Party leader Nick Griffin in the wake of this morning's terrorist outrages in our capital city.

Following the Islamic fundamentalist massacres in London, two tendencies will rapidly become apparent: First the pro-government media will swing into action, bringing out a steady stream of injured ordinary Muslims and a flood of 'moderate' Muslim spokesmen to condemn the extremists. Second, millions of ordinary Brits just won't believe them, with severe extra strain on race relations as a result. And, of course, those sceptics will be right to doubt what the media and the political Establishment tell them, not least because, for all the ritual condemnation by the Labour Party puppets in the Muslim Council of Britain, a significant minority of young Muslims in this country do support the terrorists - the celebrations among the traders on Bradford Market this morning being a case in point. No doubt we will hear of more such instances as time goes on.

Blame the politicians

But, equally, large numbers of more Westernised Muslims do not support them. The BNP therefore appeals to everybody to stay calm, and for those who are angry about the mass murder in London to direct that anger towards the people who turned our country into a prime terrorist target. That was the inevitable and utterly foreseeable result of decades of foreign policy decisions which meddled in the Middle East on behalf of Israel and against the Palestinians, culminating in the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq on the coat-tails of George Bush's attempt to seize control of large amounts of oil and to please the powerful pro-Israeli neo-con lobby. Summed up, people should blame Blair and New Labour, rather than ordinary Muslims. The way to hit back is to eject Labour candidates at every election from now on (and not by voting Tory because the Conservatives are also stained forever by their support of the unjust war that led directly to today's targeting of our capital city).

It is almost inevitable that, within a week at most, the liberal intellectual newspapers in particular will be full of wailing about how the atrocities have sparked an upsurge of 'Islamophobia' - that piece of political cant that demonises legitimate concern about the inherently undemocratic, anti-Western nature of the Islamic religion and labels it as unthinking 'hate'. It is vital, at this time of national grief and anger, that the propagandists of the liberal multi-culti 'dream' are not given any ammunition for their campaign to bury the truth and stifle the debate that should now take place about how we are going to avoid today's strains between West and East becoming a future war on our own streets.

Do something useful

So if you are angry today - as we are and as you should be - get that anger out of your system by doing something truly useful, something that will really help: Call the National Blood Service or your local hospital and find out how and where you can give blood to help the injured and maimed. And, once you know, persuade a car-load of friends to go with you and help as well.

One last thing, a personal message from me: I was heavily criticised last year by the BBC, Labour politicians and Guardianistas for calling Islam a "wicked, vicious faith", and later this year I face a trial for saying that and for exposing instances of racist attacks on innocent young whites by gangs of young thugs from the Islamic community. I did not, and I do not, say that Muslims are wicked and vicious, but I maintain that a faith that provides the justification and the 'moral' climate for some of its most ardent followers to plant bombs on crowded tube trains and buses in London, or to beat and stab lone 'kufirs' on the streets of dozens of British towns and cities, is indeed wicked and vicious. The Islamification of Britain can and must be stopped by political and then legal changes. And the same methods mus t be used to reverse it.

Britain and the West will be free and Western, or they will be an endless bloodbath. Today's horrific events have shown that, in the end, whatever propaganda the BBC produces over the days ahead, that is the only choice we have to make.

Nick Griffin
Chairman, British National Party


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Anonymous said...

You need to watch your comments SIR. I just as everyone else am concerned for every human on this planet and would never wish harm on anyone. Islam as a faith is not WICKED but some people who are extremists use the religion towards their personal gain. There are extremists in every religion in that case why are the other religions not condemned!! Is it because you find Islam an easy religion to bash??? I think you should research your facts and really use your words wisely. Cause words once spoken CANT be taken back!!

Da Wizard said...
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Da Wizard said...

I think the anonymous post above my comment is wrong. He is correct though that Islam is an easy religion to bash . Whilst its followers continue to bomb us and threaten our way of life of course people will rise against it.

Please please show me a Christian country that doesnt allow Islam to flourish and at the same time please please show me a Muslim country that doesn't oppress or indeed forbid the practice of another religion????

Islam however does have a gaping wound that must be cured. Palestine. Lets solve that problem and then we shall see if Islam is truelly a religion of peace or not.
The time is now to enforce UN resolutions equally and that includes those passed against Israel.