July 11, 2005

Natwar Singh's ridiculous statement in London on ranking of terrorist attacks

Natwar Singh, India's foreign affairs minister notes in London, that
peace process with Pakistan would continue unimpeded, "unless there is
a terrorist attack like the one witnessed in London."

What sort of a statement is this? Will he recognize a terrorist attack
only when it succeeds? How would he rate the terrorist attack on
Ayodhya on 5 July, two days before 7/7 bomb blasts in London. Will
Natwar Singh recognize only bomb blasts as terrorist attacks and not
terrorists (all six of them, perhaps more) carrying AK-47 and other
ammunition. Would he rate a terrorist attack intent on desecrating a
sacred mandiram of Sri Rama is somehow lower in order of magnitude
that the attack witnessed in London. Would it get higher in order of
magnitude if the terrorists had indeed succeeded in taking some
innocent citizens hostage?

I suggest that by this statement, Natwar Singh concedes that the
Ayodhya attack was perpetrated by terrorists from Pakistan and that he
would delink the peace process from the failed Ayodhya attack, because
it is a failed attack. What about the attack on Indian Parliament? Was
it an attack like the one in London?

I also suggest that Natwar Singh is awed by the colonial regime and
would rate the terror attack in London as a heinous crime because it
happened in the home of the Raj.

See what happens to people who accept foreigners as their leaders?
They lose all sense of perspective trying to rank terror attacks.

The question to Natwar is this: is the nation safe in your hands, in
the hands of this government?


Terrorist camps still operating in Pakistan: Natwar
London, July 11. (PTI): India has said terrorist camps are still
operating in Pakistan and New Delhi has photographic evidence to prove

"I have told the Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz that the
terrorist camps have not been dismantled. We have the photographs and
I have told him that we can provide photographic evidence," External
Affairs Minister K Natwar Singh told the BBC here last night.

Natwar Singh, who was here to attend a meeting of the Foreign
Ministers of the G4 countries, hoped the peace process with Pakistan
would continue unimpeded, "unless there is a terrorist attack like the
one witnessed in London."

He said several countries in India's neighbourhood shared his views on
the question of terrorist camps. He said the UPA Government led by
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is committed to the peace process but
regretted that "every now and then new statements" kept emanating from

"Every week a new statement comes out. Some time it is the Foreign
Minister, the Prime Minister or even the President of Pakistan. We are
not saying anything. The Prime Minister has made it clear that we are
committed to finding a solution to all outstanding issues but a
52-year-old problem cannot be resolved overnight," he said.


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nutwar is a nut case senile DF. He is making a fool of himself, by his stupid comments.