July 10, 2005

T-shirt worn by a terrorist was from 'khushaab' ,Islamabad shop

T-shirt worn by a terrorist was from 'khushaab'; khaddar from khushaab is sold in an Islamabad shop

There seems to a deliberate attempt either to mislead the public about
the identity of the Ayodhya attackers or hesitation to share
information with the public (see Home Minister's statement appended).

A T-shirt worn by a terrorist is said to have the word 'khushaab'
inscribed on it and that investigators were trying to find out where
such shirts are made and sold.

Here is the clue: "Hand-embroidered dresses from Multan, Bahawalpur
and Nowshehra; wooden crafts from Faisalabad; dry flower arrangements
from Attock, clay pottery from Hala, cushion covers and block-printed
dresses from Matli and Bidh Shah in Sindh, pashmina shawls from Swat;
handmade woolen cloth from Chitral; and 'khaddar' from Khushaab are
some of the products that have been brought under one roof to attract
prospective clients."

SACHET is registered in Islamabad under the voluntary social welfare
agencies, registration and control ordinance, 1961.

This SACHET gallery sells 'khaddar' from Khushaab. Khushaab is a few
miles from Sargodha and is on the banks of Jhelum river. The 50 MWt,
heavy water and natural uranium research reactor at Khushab is a
central element of Pakistan's program for production of plutonium and
tritium for advanced compact warheads.

There was a suicide attempt on PM designate Shaukat Aziz. The suspect
was arrested from Khushaab. " Intelligence officials identified the
man suspected of involvement in the suicide attack on Aziz as Muhammad
Imran from Khushab district. Imran belongs to the outlawed
Jaish-e-Muhammad which is known to have links with Al Qaeda. The
officials hoped the arrest, the first in the case, could lead
authorities to others involved in the suicide attack, which killed
several people including the bomber. Aziz escaped unhurt. reuters"

Want to see the special weapons facilities at Khushaab?
And Sargodha? http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/world/pakistan/sargodha.htm

When there was a failed attempt on Parliament, Indian troops were
massed to retaliate against the Paki-inspired attack.

What now?



Ayodhya attackers might have been Arabic-speaking Africans

New Delhi, July. 10 (PTI): The terrorists who attacked the
Ramjanmabhoomi complex in Ayodhya may have been Arabic-speaking
persons who entered India possibly via Nepal, according to

Questioning of the driver Raj Kumar, who brought the five attackers
from Akbarpur to Ayodhya, indicated the militants spoke with each
other in Arabic, sources told PTI here today.

The driver indicated the terrorists did not speak in Kashmiri.

Kumar was made to hear in Kashmiri by his interrogators and asked if
the language spoken by the militants was similar and his reply was
negative. Then, Arabic was spoken before him and his reply was in
affirmative when queried if the language spoken by the ultras
resembled it, said the sources.

They said the identification of the terrorists was turning out to be
difficult as no clear evidence of that was recovered from them.

Investigators suspect some evidence about their identities could have
been "misplaced or destroyed" during or after the operation to repulse
their attack.

"There must have been some more bags which could have contained
something indicating the identity of the terrorists, but these have
not been found so far," the sources said.

The investigators have recovered a pocket-sized Holy Quran published
in Delhi from the slain terrorists and caps which show that these had
been purchased in Nepal, indicating they had come via the Himalayan

The two AK rifles recovered from the terrorists bore the initials `T A
K', which the investigators were trying to decipher.

A T-shirt worn by a terrorist had `Khushaab' inscribed on it and
investigators were trying to find out where such shirts are made and


It's premature to disclose Ayodhya attackers' identity: Patil
Srinagar, July. 10 (PTI): The Government has some information on the
attackers of the Ram Janam Bhoomi complex in Ayodhya but it would be
"too premature" to disclose it now, Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil,
said today.

"We do have some information but it will will be too premature to
disclose it," he told reporters after a meeting with senior State
officials to review the overall situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

"We have not been able to reach a conclusion," he said adding that the
Centre would not like to blame anybody for the attack but at the same
time "we would not like to spare anyone."

He said the situation in Jammu and Kashmir was improving and more and
more tourists are coming to the State. "If the current trend
continues, the situation would be much better," he observed.

Asked about the possibility of talks with the Hurriyat Conference,
Patil said the Centre had already made its stand clear. "We are ready
to talk to anyone. Need I say more."


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