July 13, 2005

'Three UK bombers were of Pakistani origin'


By H S Rao in LondonWednesday, 13 July , 2005, 07:55

In a sensational breakthrough into the investigation in the London bombings, the police said at least three of the bombers are believed to be British males of Pakistani origin, who lived in West Yorkshire in Leeds.

The police said they believe four men, including the three Pakistani origin persons who arrived at Kings Cross last Thursday morning on a train from Leeds were behind the terrorist bomb attack that killed at least 52 people and injured 700 on three tube trains and one bus.

Detectives are still unsure about the identity of the fourth bomber. CCTV footage at Kings Cross station showed the four suspected bombers together at 8.30 am, Deputy assistant commissioner Peter Clarke, the head of the Metropolitan polices anti-terrorism branch, told a press conference here on Tuesday night.

The three tube blasts - at Aldgate, Kings Cross and Edgware Road - came within a minute of each other at 8.51 am. The bus bomb detonated 57 minutes later as the No 30 passed through Tavistock Square in Bloomsbury, central London.

The bus bomber is believed to be dead, and the police said there was "strong forensic and other evidence" a second bomber died at Aldgate. Investigators are now trying to establish if the other two are alive or died in the explosions.
A relative of one of the suspects was arrested in West Yorkshire yesterday and was being brought to London to be quizzed by the anti-terrorist branch.

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