August 30, 2005

Afghanistan Embassy responds about desecration of Pridhviraj Chouhans Grave

Below is a message received from our sources , the response of Afghanistan Embassy concerning the desecration of Pridhviraj Chouhan's Grave in Ghazni , Afghanistan by locals , by stamping his grave . The official is sceptical about the claims of the author Mr.E Jaiwant Paul , and the remarks in the book "Arms and Armour: Traditional Weapons of India" .

The official also stated the security concerns of the PM as possible reasons .


Dear Coalition of Hindu Organizations,

I don’t know how credible your claim of representing the Coalition of Hindu Organisations is, or whether such an organization actually exist at all, but I know as an Afghan that some of the assertions in your email about possible desecration of the grave of a former Hindu King buried in Ghazni are not true.

Sometime ago, I also came across the excerpts of the book, apparently written by someone called Paul, about what he claims to have witnessed in Ghazni concerning the desecration of the grave of a former Hindu King. However, as an Afghan I remain strongly skeptical about the authenticity of the claim and his interpretation of what he might or might not have seen in Ghazni.

Besides, you need to keep in perspective the security implications of your suggestion that the Indian Prime Minister should visit the purported grave of the Hindu King in faraway Ghazni.

Let me assure you that the absolute majority of the Afghan people do value the deeply historical relations they have enjoyed with India. Please do not rash in passing unintelligent judgments about your Prime Minister’s conduct or for that matter that of the Afghan Government and people.

You might be supportive of or against the current government of India, but when it comes to the foreign relations of your nation as a whole, irrespective of who leads them at any one particular time, it has always been cordial and friendly with Afghanistan. You will not do any service to your country or to your nation by picking asserted little faults, and blowing them out of proportion, in its relations with a country like Afghanistan.

Best wishes
Ahmad Shayeq Qassem

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Anonymous said...

sir we having full confident that prc grave was in afghan because he was killed ghori in afghan after that he killed him and his friend over there Iam not against the people afghan but the people who will not gave respect that brave man we are against them pls try to find out the respect we work for our country because we all pay tax because of that are govt work for us