August 16, 2005

How Indian Intelligence view RAND report on RSS

While some in the Indian Intelligence feel that giving too much importance to the " small fry like Jurgensmeyer (an obscure faculty member) and Heather Gregg (a struggling graduate student) " , is wasting time . The others are up in arms about the tone of the report and its implications in future . It was picked up be the Indian media while no one in the U.S. bothers with them.

A critic said "Jurgensmeyer may be small fry (I am not sure about that too) but the Rand corporation is not and neither is the CIA which funded it nor the US Defense secretary and the military and intelligence establishments which commissioned the report. Jihad is a convenient enemy no doubt but that should not distract our attention from the US which represents white christian state power at its most monstrous. The western governments with their homogenising and de-nationalising mission are as much a threat to Hindu India as the jihadis. So please take the report seriously as an indicator of both contemporary and future foreign policy trends of the US " .

And another well know geopolitical expert who wished to be anonymous said to Intellibriefs that from a long-term point, Westerners see India and China as more of a threat to their dominance vis-a-vis Islamic terrorists. While they perceive that Islamic threat is short term in nature (and containable), the threat from China and India is more of a long-term type, more fundamental, and civilization in scope. Those perceptions will drive them to adopt certain specific strategies. Reports such as the one we are currently talking about is a very-very-very small piece of their giant strategic puzzle. While it is good (and desirable) to undertake measures against such reports, a long-lasting response would be to ensure the emergence of a proud, prosperous and just Hindu Bharat without relying at all on the doles from the West.

Indian Intellectuals who are pro US like Dr.N S Rajaram quoted in his letter to RAND that "RAND should explore the possibility of organizing a major international conference on the subject with participation by internationally known experts in the field. It should not be partisan and should involve scholars of independent views and substance, not lightweight academics and graduate students. "

In the past many who dealt with RAND on correcting some errors in their TERRORISM KNOWLEDGE BASE said the people are stoic and procrastinate the things . For instance, their database record on Khandhar Hijack , showed no Fatalities during the saga .LINK ( , which is incorrect. Whole India and the world know the sad and tragic killing of a Honeymooner , by slitting his throat like halal goat , after seperating from his wife .

The explaination given by Matthew Fullerton of DFI international who maintains the Database is "With a database spanning 35 years, there will be some data anomalies. We have alerted our partners at RAND regarding the discrepancy " . After 6 months , the made the change to one Field "FATALITIES = 1" , BUT the description sill ramain the same "The Indian authorities released the three.No passengers or crew on the Indian airliner were hurt. " . The ridiculous part of this record is , the information source is quoted as Doordarshan Television , our Indian Government's news channel. "Do you want any more proof ,the level of distortions these so called think tanks can sink ?" said a disgusted activist who pursued this issue .

Developing Terrorism database has become a sort of Business or attracting funds from various Governmental and Non governmental institutions for some groups in US . These Institutions can include anyone in their Terrorism Database , One example is Terrorism Research Center, Inc., this organization included RSS as terrorist organization , which it says is a "inter-relational knowledge base " and it's official says " NOT an official database of ANY government and thus we are free to have a list of terrorist groups much larger than, for example, the US State Department list. "

And further its definition and qualification for entering into it's database is simple " If members of ANY organized political group (even recognized political parties) target civilians with violence or the threat of violence - they may, indeed, be added to our database." . It is these organizations whic decide the labeling of organizations as terrorist , "Just because a media group labels a group a terrorist group does NOT mean that we include it. However, if multiple credible sources describe a violent act by a member of a political party for a political purpose - we may include it. We rely on a combination of local authorities and recognized legitmate news organizations for the data of our entries. " , said the official

On the whole Ms.Betty O’Hearn, on behalf of Mr.James T. Kirkhope ,Research Director
Terrorism Research Center, Inc. has to say this " In sum, a group's inclusion on our list is NOT a political judgement, rather it is a description of events based on local police reports, TRC personal contacts, and recognized media resources."

TKB of RAND even included RAW( Research and Analysis wing , Indian external Intelligence wing) as Terrorist organization , also ISI for some events . However , it missed to enter CIA , for it's acts abroad in their database .

Finally ,Indians are learning from Chinese for their tit for tat reports on Human Rights and other issues . It is time for Indians to do what RAND does , churning FREE reports ,calling Grad students in their workshops and preparing reams of reports on virtually anything under the sun .Indian think tanks should do these things or else they will be lagging far behind in this IW.

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