August 16, 2005

Opening shots of Baloch Lobbying group BSONA fired in USA , at Pakiastani Embassy

Pakistani Embassy in US has witnessed a unique scene on Independence day celebration , which is a first firing shot of a newly formed Balochi lobbying organization in North America BSONA . BSONA staged a protest march at Pakistani embassy along with Sindhi group condemning oppression of balochis in their homeland .

Demonstrators carrying banners demanded the release of its nationalist leaders from jail and condemned Pakistans effort to build mega projects to migrate punjabis into balochistan and occupy their lands. Speaker Dr. Wahid Baloch has said "This country, Pakistan, has never learned for 58 years to be civilized.This country, for 58 years, has not shown respect for democratic principles. This country has not shown respect for human rights."

Condemning two nation theory on which pakistan was formed , speaker said " After 58 years, the people are still suffering from the effects of that tragedy. Let me ask you this, if we accept that “two Nation” extremist and fanatic theory, then we should also Accept Mr. Bin Laden’s and his terrorist Gang’s theory to divide the world on religious line into a Muslim state and a non-Muslim state."

Ridiculing the freedom in pakistan he said "What kind of Freedom is this? Where Baloch and Sindhi Brothers spend their life behind bars, and are being tortured every day? What kind of Freedom is this where a 4year old kid along with his young brothers and sister go on hunger strike in front of Quetta press club, for his dad to be released from Pakistani jail? "

"Baloch Society Of North America Condemn that Pakistani crime against Baloch people and asks the United Nation, the International Community and the International court of Justice to investigate the effects of that nuclear test and the Baloch losses including homelessness and dislocation must be compensated. "

Intllibriefs learnt from protesters that , in the comming months Balochi activists are planning to contact law makers and present their case and network with all pro balochi groups in USA . When questioned about the possibility of seeking support from Jewish and Hindu groups , it was surprising to learn that many balochis want to associate with Hindu groups in USA, reason being they are more vocal in opposing pakistan and are highly organised . Though the level of awarness about Baloch is low in Hindu circles , these days hindu groups are more sympathetic to balouchi cause .

Talking to IntelliBriefs a senior member of a Hindu group said " this is a welcome sign and we will extend our hand of friendship,soonwe will try to contact their leaders " . The Indians are synpathetic to balochis and their Pro-balochi stand has hardened with the Pakistan's support to terrorism in India.

Things will be changing drastically in Washington in the comming months if BSONA impliments their plans and its effects can be felt in Islamabad .

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