September 15, 2005

Dangers of UPA government to India


A compilation of all the activites done by UPA that will break India apart, both literally and mentally.

  • Move: Pullout of troops from Kashmir.
    Reasoning: As there are fewer troops in Kashmir, terrorists will face less opposition and therefore can attack more and conduct more terrorist attacks. Plus, fewer troops can carry out fewer raids against terrorist installations. Fewer raids gives the terrorists the quiet time they need to build up.

Final Consequences: As the number of terrorist attacks gets too much, India can only be forced to give Kashmir to pakistan. Some terrorist attacks can be so large that hundreds of terrorists can attack any place at any given time. India will not have enough troops in place to stop these attacks.

  • Move: Teach children wrong History.
    Reasoning: The history being taught to children is aimed at making them forget about Hindu culture and Hindu valour. Our Avatars are being taught to be 'fictional' characters. The faith that Hindu people will have in Krishna and Ram will therefore be lowered and many people might convert to religions that have 'factual' people, like jesus christ and mohammed. Teaching that great freedom fighters and warriors like Shivaji and Pritviraj Chauhan were actually cowards will make Hindu children lose faith in their own religion, thinking that it is Hinduism that made these men weak. Showing that muslims and christians are stronger than Hindus will only make the children want to convert.

Final Consequences: When children lose faith in Hinduism and our leaders, we will cease having youth. With a shortage of youth, our numbers will decrease steadily. Also, as the newer generation ceases to be Hindu, our culture will be extinct very quickly. Newer generations will refuse to go to Temple saying it is fake. They will not observe Hindu traditions saying that they are fake and are just conjured stories.

  • Move: Sell the military forces to other countries through treaties and information-sharing.
    Reasoning: As other military forces know of the position of our Naval ships (previous treaty), the strategies we use to fight (training exercises), and our own research (collaboration with foreign countries for nuclear technology), our forces face a severe disadvantage. If, at any time, a country wishes to attack India they will know of all our military secrets. The U.S knows of our fighting strategies, and they will share them with pakistan (their closest ally). Later, pakistan will attack India and India will have no way of fighting them without suffering huge losses. The nuclear secrets that U.S will know can be used by them to create weapons to attack India (or alternatively, given to pakistan to launch against India). On the other hand, if U.S doesn't wish to attack India, they will make India dependant on U.S arms by sabotaging Indian research. As the Defence Minister said, "Ties with U.S can only help us acquire better weapons." (Not exact quote, but the gist)

Final Consequences: As India will not be able to fight without losing, other nations (namely pakistan, china and the u.s) can take over India with ease. As India breaks up, there can be a slaughter of millions of Hindus. Many more will be forcefully converted to christianity or islam or even communism. At that point, Hinduism will die.

  • Move: 100% FDI in many sectors that we are strong in, and applying to WTO
    Rationale and Final Consequences:
    100% FDI in many sectors such as construction and bio-technology will mean that our companies will not be able to handle foreign competition. As our economy is invaded by foreign companies, our economy becomes dependant on theirs. One decision by another country can cripple the Indian economy within days. As our economy is more dependant on those of others, we can only become poorer. As we become poorer, we will have less resources to fight the enemy christian missionaries and islamic jihadists. With fewer resources to fight, we will lose. As we lose, christian missionaries will convert many Hindus to christianity very quickly. Many other Hindus may simply die due to poverty or islamic terrorism. Plus, as the cost of drugs increases, poor people (forming the majority of the country, and mostly Hindu) will not be able to fight diseases. It is a coincidence that Japanese Encephalitis spread like wild-fire just a few months after a ban was imposed on drug-manufacturing through cheap means?

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