September 06, 2005

Modi to ride high on Saraswati wave

September 6, 2005

The revival of the dried Saraswati River by chief minister Narendra
Modi, who will dedicate it to the people on Thursday, by diverting the
Narmada canal waters, is being heralded as the resurgence of the Hindu
Hriday Samrat.

Mr. Modi had earlier set off on a Gaurav Yatra from Phagvel to restore
the pride of Hindus after the Godhra incident thereby becoming a Hindu
Hriday Samrat. The yatra had won him a thumping majority in the state
Assembly. Lately, his Hindutva credentials were being questioned by
his political rivals and several of his staunch supporters had
criticised the moderate overtones in his style of functioning.

The Saraswati Mahasangam planned by the chief minister is being seen
here as the second coming of the Hindu Hriday Samrat. Chief minister
Narendra Modi, whose image had received a beating after he supported
Mr. Advani on the Jinnah issue, is reaffirming his credentials as the
Hindu leader, according to sources close to the chief minister.

Mr. Modi had lost his shine, as a Hindu leader and VHP leader Pravin
Togadia had been up in arms against Mr. Modi for supporting Mr.
Advani. The Saraswati River has great religious significance for the
Hindus and its revival followed by a major publicity blitz will only
resurrect his image as Hindu leader, informed sources close to the
chief minister.


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