September 29, 2005

Russians are influencing defense deals : Sonia Gandhi a KGB tool

Subramanian Swamy's claim that his letter made Dr. Kalam decide not to invite Sonia to form the government. This has no independent support. The information IntelliBriefs have is that the President's decision was based on national security considerations-- that the country cannot be handed over to Sonia or its defense would be looted by a hundred mafiosis like Quattrochi.

Late Shri P.V. Narasimha Rao, who as defense minister was Kalam's boss is believed to have called the President and appraised him of the risks. IntelliBriefs learnt this from two different sources-- both from high level armed services people, which we found to me more credible than Mr.Swamy's claim.

KGB revelations should reveal more about the Russian hold over the Gandhi family. Russian military equipment is very shoddy and their support with maintenance and spares is even worse. India is trying to get out of buying from Russia altogether, but the Russians will stop at nothing to hold on to the Indian market.

This is the real danger of the Gandhi family which has been a long term beneficiary of KGB generosity. What is needed is a knowledgeable study of the technical aspects of this hold and its implications for national defense.

What India is witnessing from self styled patriotic forces , aka "Hindu nationalists" seems to be little than empty religious platitudes and trivia. A national security expert who wished to be anonymous told IntelliBriefs "I would appeal to patriotic think tanks and political parties to take a greater interest in the national security implications of the KGB successor's hold over the Indian political establishment. "

A Retired air marshall who was the head of all the Russian aircraft in the IAF, told a our source about the problems plaguing the IAF because of this dependence on Russian crafts. " This is a serious matter. Putin & co will try to influence defense purchases through Sonia and others in their grip. " said Air Marshall.

Excessive reliogiosity is weakiening the nation and also driving away young people. We can't look to religious head to save the nation. We need the Kshatriya spirit to be inculcated among the youth.

We received a mail from a reader , below is it's content

"Indian politicians are whores "

It was always well known that the KGB had funded the congress and the commies What is shocking is that the KGB actually spent only a few million dollars a year for his controlCentral ministers willing to spy for just $50000

What is shocking is not that Indian politicians are whores, but rather they are cheap whores and street walkers

Given that the church is pumping in 1000 times the money that the KGB is pumping in, shudder to think of the penetration of the Indian govt by the Church, China and Saudi Arabia .

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