September 29, 2005

US School Text Books' negative portrayal of India and her heritage

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Sub: ESHI appeals for California 2005 History and Social Science textbook adoption and Indian heritage

Are you aware or concerned, as we are, that there is considerable misinformation and misleading information included in many of the textbooks that are used in the study of India and its heritage? This information, much of which is not accepted by scholars, has a very negative impact on all students, and particularly on those of Indian & Hindu heritage. As young children are the future of America, it is utmost important that the instructional material they use is thoroughly reviewed for accuracy.

On many occasions we have found that the image of India and Indian heritage is shown in very poor light, perhaps due to lack of right/proper information available to the curriculum consultants, textbook writers and the textbook reviewers.

We also know that by working pro-actively with the school board official the situation can be changed. We have seen the positive results during the process of the textbook review of the school boards of Fairfax County, Maryland.

The review and adoption process for history and social science textbooks is underway in California. The state of California has great influence over the text books selected by other states. ESHI has reviewed the relevant textbooks and strongly recommends against using these for grade level 6. You can make a difference by participating in the process. If you are a resident of California, it is all the more important that you participate. ESHI is working with California Board of Education, providing information on the textbooks up for adoption.

Please join hands and let your voice be heard for the correct portrayal of India, her culture and history in the US school system. Please take the first step now and support this effort by becoming a member of ESHI. Basic membership is free but you can always donate to support our efforts.. Visit us at .

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Mayank Shekhar

General Secretary

Educators' Society for the Heritage of India (ESHI)

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