October 16, 2005

Balochis are pawns of great game : "foreign" money based violence


The key focus in Balochistan is great game between the US and China - this will make the Baloch people, even more of pawns/playthings within their own lands. China wants Gwadar so that it can control/threaten the Gulf sea-trade, while obviously the US does not want to allow China, this access. In this - expect the Pakistani army toplay both sides for personal gains of the Generals. This rationale does even include the expected hullabollo over oil - which obviously both US/China want to control. Lastly, Pakistan is perhaps already using Balochistan as a base for terror attacks against Iran, at the behest of the US.

The result of all this - the people of Balochistan will see "foreign" money based violence carried out wth the help of Pakistani army (and its affiliated terrorist organizations) - small genocidal attacks in Balochistan, remain a distinct possibility. Moving Punjabi people to change the ethnic profile in Balochistan is already underway, one can expect - the usual tricks played by the Punjabi dominated Pakistani army.

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