October 20, 2005

The current state of Hindutva movement in India

The current Hindutva movement has hardly any leaders who can mobilize masses, touch their emotional chords, and generate spontaneous action. Thackeray can do it. The Yadav bandhus can do it. Mullahs and maulvis can do it. Christian leaders can do it. Karunanidhi can (or could) do it. Mayawati can do it. But no Hindutva leader [LKA, ABV, Sudarshan ji, Ashok ji] can do it. The Hindutva leadership is in a different class. Their personalities and approaches are rooted in a different set of experiences. It is not accidental that much of the effective popular mobilization during RJB years was done by Uma Bharati and Sadhvi Ritambhara. As long as Hindus do not have leaders who can rouse masses' emotions in addition to those who trigger thougthfullness and deliberation, Hindutva will remain confined to narrow circles. In that sense, we have to actually cultivate leaders who can generate emotional surges on an as-needed basis. We need leaders who can make people think, and also those who can make people act.

-- A Hindutva supporter

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Anonymous said...

what is the net result of this movement? Killing and attacking religious minorities in India for cheap political purposes? Since majority of Hindus do not support this, the Hindutwa will remain an ideology of some religious bigots.