October 24, 2005

India wants Pakistan under IAEA scanner

October 24, 2005 15:42 IST

India Monday asked the Western world to take a view on the 'A Q Khan nuclear network' in Pakistan also while deciding on a position on the Iranian nuclear issue.

Ahead of the crucial second vote at the International Atomic Energy Agency on Iran in November, India said the nuclear watchdog should investigate the role of nuclear suppliers as well as recipients in nuclear proliferation.

Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran said in an address to experts at a seminar in New Delhi that it was important that remaining issues which involve Pakistan-based A Q Khan network, are satisfactorily clarified as well. He welcomed Iran's cooperation with the IAEA in accounting for previously undeclared activities.

Speaking at a seminar on 'Nuclear Non-Proliferation and International Security', organised by the Indian Defence Studies and Analysis, the foreign secretary called for a new global consensus on nuclear non-proliferation, taking into account the new challenges that have emerged since the NPT was signed.

''Our security interests have been seriously undermined by the clandestine nuclear weapons programme in our neighbourhood, aided and abetted, or at the least, selectively ignored by some NPT signatories. In seeking clarity on such clandestine activities, the international community must focus not merely on recipient states but on supplier states as well,'' he said.

Saran said it was neither in the interests of Iran or of the international community to have a confrontation on the issue. Efforts should be made to resume discussions and find a way out within the IAEA.

He reiterated that by voting against Iran at the first vote India had achieved the twin objective of avoiding a reference to the United Nations Security Council and also enable more time for discussions.

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