October 05, 2005

Swamy demands inquiry into KGB payoffs

New Delhi | October 05, 2005 3:48:18 PM IST

Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy today assailed the government's decision not to constitute an inquiry commission into the role of Russian espionage agency KGB for subverting Indian democracy by allegedly ''buying up corrupt and unpatritic politicians'', saying it was vital for the nation to know the entire truth.
''The real reason for the UPA's refusal to hold an inquiry is the fear that the allegations in Mitrokhin Archives Vol.II...may be confirmed as facts and truth. Many heads at the highest level would then have to roll as mass anger of the people would demand retribution and justice,'' Dr. Swamy said.

The Janata Party President, who has filed a Special Leave Petition in the Supreme Court on the issue, said he also condemned the government's decision not to come out with a White Paper as demanded by BJP President L K Advani.

''The refusal of the UPA government and the specious plea that the BJP failed to implement the same demand when it was in power, betrays a knowledge of democratic principles and public accountability. That the BJP failed to do its duty to the people is no license for the UPA to do the same,'' he said in a statement.

Dr Swamy said it was ''silly'' to state, as some Congress leaders had done, that the CIA and other intelligence agencies were also active in India. ''No one is stopping the UPA from also investigating the activities of these agencies,'' he said.

The revelations are based on a recently-published book by former KGB agent Vasili Mitrokhin, who defected to the West with a large chunk of the espionage agency's secret archives.

The book, published posthumously, alleges that in the 1970s, the KGB distributed 10.6 million roubles to various Indian politicians to strengthen its influence, and to support the Emergency regime of Indira Gandhi.

It also alleges that in the post-Emergency elections in 1977, as many as 21 non-Communist politicians, including four Ministers of the then Union Cabinet were subsidised by the KGB.

Dr Swamy said the disclosures by the former KGB spy had made it imperative to investigate a number of issues such as whether India declined the 1949 US offer to occupy a seat in the UN Security Council vacated by the Kuomintang goverment in China on the ''Soviet pressure and blackmail'' and whether Mrs Indira Gandhi, in December 1971, refused the Indian Army's demand to smash West Pakistan's military machine, also because of the Russian pressure.

''Taking money from a foreign intelligence agency is not only an offence in itself but it is also a gross betrayal of our national interests when detrimental policies are adopted by their paid gents in the government,'' he said.


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