November 20, 2005

Kalyug Ka Mantri Arjun Singh!

The following short poem is written condemning the HRD Ministry’s unabashed and ridiculous efforts to erase and rewrite the history of Bharatvarsh. The recent history books released by NCERT contain such distorted materials and even humiliate and devalue our national heroes and spiritual souls. The chief of all this devilish exercise is none other than Arjun Singh, the education and HRD minister of Bharat, unfortunately. This is a brief picture of his misdeeds in the education field as a Central Minister.

Yours in Dharma

Amogh Shaikh

Kalyug Ka Mantri Arjun Singh!

Who is the present HRD Minister?
Obsessed with a motive so sinister
He flip-flops history with his friends in the sly
Our national heroes become zeroes in the blink of an eye

The glory of Bharatiya history and civilization
Is now being pushed into the deep seas of oblivion
He is the present prophet of so called Indian “secularism”
With a mission to destroy the essence of Bharatiya nationalism

By what name do we call this evil being?
None but Kalyug ka Mantri Arjun Singh!

Rama and Krishna, our national icons so towering and great
Have been demoted to the level of symbols of hate
Their existence even have been put into a shroud
To make the “seculars” and comrades feel proud.

Invader Ghori is glorified in his new book
Prithviraj is shown as a coward and a crook
Traitor Jaichand is depicted as a brave fighter
Well! A Marxist historian could never write any better

He has successfully exerted his official might
Hence, Upanishads & Gita have vanished from the sight
Sri Ramkrishna, the spiritual guru of Swami Vivekanand
Has been now declared to be mentally unbalanced

Who is he, so notorious and cunning?
None but Kalyug Ka Mantri Arjun Singh!

So Arise! Sisters and Brothers of Bharatvarsh
All these falsehoods trample and crush
It is our duty towards our motherland
To aggressively act and protest on demand

Give him the taste of his own medicine
He deserves to be banished for his sin
An example must be set so loud and clear
Even in a thousand years no one would ever dare

We shall not allow anymore this plunder and pillage!
We shall set things right before our children come of age!
Join and unitedly make this Supreme Vow
Without a doubt the time is perfectly ripe now

What should be done now as the final thing?
Throw into oblivion this Kalyug Ka Mantri Arjun Singh!

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