November 21, 2005

Pakistan ordered Hindus to leave Dera Bugti

Hindu Panchayat in Balochistan and reporters have been ordered to get out of Dera Bugti. Seems like a big military opperation in Dear Bugti (Balochistan) is on the way. Twenty-eight members of the Bugti tribe and 33 Hindus living under the protection of the tribe were killed during the exchange of fire. Of the Hindus killed, 19 were children, in 10-hour-long battle between the Frontier Corps (FC) troops and Balochi nationalists belonging to the Bugti tribe on March 17.

Since this incident, there has been an exodus of Hindus from Balochistan into Sindh. Even earlier, the military-intelligence establishment had forcibly removed a large number of Hindus and some Sikhs who were living in the Gwadar and other areas on the Mekran coast, since it viewed them as a possible threat to the security of the port. The number of Hindus living in Balochistan has further thinned down as a result of the latest exodus, but the numbers involved are not available.

The prestigious Friday Times of Lahore has reported as follows in its issue for the week ending March 31: "Because of the clash, a large number of Hindu residents of Dera Bugti have reportedly migrated to Sindh's Khandkot, Kashmore and Jacobabad towns ... Hundreds of Hindus and Sikhs have migrated to the towns and villages of Sindh and Balochistan adjacent to Dera Bugti. There are still many who have sent off their families, but stayed back themselves, to lend support to Akbar Bugti [leader of the tribe], whose ancestors have protected them for over 400 years.

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