November 24, 2005

They choose Only Hindu girls for rape in Kerala

Kottayam ragging : Hindu girl chosen for rape
11/22/2005 7:23:24 AM Our correspondent

The media in the state of Kerala observed the routine role of ‘Shikhandi’ in the ragging (I call it rape) which took place in the Kottayam School of Medical Education. One can understand the media holding back the name of the victim. But the strange thing is that the Christian dominated media of Kerala did not give the name of the main accused. There is no need to elaborate. His name happened to be Ranjith Varghese!

And anyone who saw the TV pictures of the girls who held the press meet at Kottayam justifying the accused could make out that all of them belonged to the Christian community. Blood is thicker than water! This was made clear by the principal of the School of Mediacl Education who happens to be yet another Christian.

A conversation with some of the students in the University and the School of Medical Education reveal that Ranjith Varghese and his cohorts do select their victims carefully. Only Hindu girls are chosen for rape and molestation. And strangely enough, the Christian girls and teachers extend all moral support (Immoral Support) for these heinous deeds.

The accused will never be punished in this case. Whether it is the Communists or the Congress who rule the state, the law breakers belonging to the Christian and Muslim communities get special consideration from the investigation team as well as the jail authorities. Janardhana Kurup, a Communist fellow traveler, recently remarked that a senior police officer in the state, who is held in high esteem even by Opposition Leader V S Achuthanandan, segregate the accused on the basis of religion. “For this officer, who is an additional DGP, all accused belonging to the Christian community are more equal than others,” Kurup said. There were reports that the above mentioned officer encouraged religious conversion in the jails of Kerala.

So, Ranjith Varghese will come ‘clean’ in this case and chances are that the victim may end up as the accused for being born good looking and Hindu!. Ranjith Verghese will continue with his perversions in future. Just imagine the fate of patients, especially the Hindu women, who will be at the mercy of Ranjith Varghese! And he is not alone in this nefarious activities. A group of Christian fundamentalists will always be at hand all over the state of Kerala and in the country to victimize the Hindu students.indu

If the past records are any indication, there will not be any punishment in this case. Take the records of the cases in which Hindu women have been raped or murdered by Christians and Muslims. The minority community members go scot-free due to the lackadaisical attitude of police officers while framing of charges.

How many of us remember the rape and murder of cine actor Prithviraj’s aunty at Kozhikode? She was the younger sister of Sukumaran, Prithviraj’s father. A Muslim fanatic raped and murdered her and absconded with all her wealth. Nothing has been heard of it afterwards. Remember the gruesome death of a middle-aged mother and her teenaged daughter in Ernakulam way back in 1994? The media made it out to be a suicide. The mother-daughter duo was poisoned to death by yet another Muslim ‘gentleman’ who walked away with the family fortune..

There are many instances like these. So what? Many of us may ask. Well, so long as we continue asking “So what..” Chances are that many more Hindu girls and women will fall prey to the evil machinations of these minority forces.. This is not an isolated incident. How many of us remember Jyoteermayi Devi of Orissa, a Hindu girl, who was kidnapped from her home, brutally raped and murdered by two Christian pasters early this year? Till now, the government or the law enforcing agencies have taken no action against these pastors.

The latest one heard of the ragging at School of Medical Education was that the Mahatma Gandhi University Vice-Chancellor Jancy James have come out openly to save Ranjith Varghese!! She has termed the decision of the State Nursing Council to de-recognise the SME as an academic crime and academic sin. Dr Jancy James, what were you doing all these months other than singing paeans to the powers that be and showing favoritism to students belonging to Christian communities?

The grapevine is that Jancy James is all set to change the name of the university from Mahatma Gandhi to that of Mar Gregorius University (Any way the title will remain MG University!).


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rakesh jha said...

On 23 November 2006, Mr. Mohabbatkhan Rasulkhan kidnapped 15-year-old brahmin girl Punam (name changed). Punam was studying in grade 7 at the government primary school in Bavla town of Ahmedabad district, Gujarat. When Punam went missing her parents immediately made a report at the Bavla Police Station that their daughter was missing.

It is reported that Punam was raped, assaulted and kept in forced confinement and later sold for sex trade at different places for a year by the accused. The first accused Mr. Mohabbatkhan (age 35) reportedly raped Punam and assaulted her with a chain while Punam was kept in confinement. Punam faced this ordeal for several months in Gedia village of Patdi Block, Surendranagar district.

A neighbor coming to about Punam’s condition informed the village head Mr. Hiyatkhan of Gedia village. The neighbor is from Dafer community, a Muslim sub-sect of the locality. The village head Hiyatkhan (age 50), instead of taking any action to save Punam, instead raped the victim under forced confinement for four days. Hiyatkhan later sold Punam to Mr. Vilo Koli Patel of Jedhpura village for INR 17,000 (USD 404).

Vilo (age 30) raped Punam for three months in forced confinement. One day Vilo sent the victim back to the village head Hiyatkhan accusing Punam that she has stolen his money. The village head Hiyatkhan again sold Punam to Mr. Jignesh Mahendrabhai Dave for INR 7,000 (USD 166) a few days later.

Jignesh lives in Jetapur village of Viramgam Block, Ahmedabad district. Jignesh also raped Punam. On 14 November 2007, a brahmin woman living in Bavla town found the victim in Jetapur village and informed this fact to the Punam’s parents.

Immediately Punam’s parents informed the Balva police about the incident and requested for help. However, the police refused to accompany Punam’s parents to look for Punam. This is a reportedly prevalent phenomenon, that the police deny support to the brahmin’s who are victimised by non-brahmin persons, in particular if the accused if from a dominant caste. The victim’s parents also requested the village head of Jetapur village to help them to rescue their daughter, which was refused and they were asked to come with the police.

One month later, on 21 December 2007, the Bavla police along with the victim’s parents came to Jetapur village to rescue the victim. Bavla police registered a complaint on the following day. It is alleged that the accused bribed the police to influence the investigation.

The First Information Report (FIR No. I 256/07) against the accused was registered under Section 363 (punishment for kidnapping), 366 (Kidnapping, abducting or inducing woman to compel her marriage etc), 376 (punishment for rape), 114 (abettor present when offence is committed) of Indian Penal Code and the Section 3 (1) (xi) and (xii

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