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Brig (Ret) Usman Khalid , ex-ISI man threatening Baloch Nationalists and Diaspora

By Nagesh Bhushan
( ISI Agent in London ?)

At last world saw in pictures what General Musharraf meant when he said last year that “this time you won’t even know what has hit you” , conveying Army resolve to use force against . Baloch Nationalists who are demanding greater political rights, autonomy and control over their natural resources . Baloch Nationalists have led four insurgencies - in 1948, 1958-59, 1962-63 and 1973-77 - which have been brutally suppressed by the army A former commando also said “It isn't the 1970s when you can hit and run and hide in the mountains” , a strong hint that people in defense and intelligence well understood the meaning at that time ,that government is willing to use Helicopter Gunships even if they hide in mountains , though Pakistan used Air force in the past .

On 17th December 2005 Pakistani Army launched an army operation against innocent Marri Baloch people throughout Kohlu District, Parts of Dera Bugti, Noshki, Makran Districts and other parts of Balochistan.

More then thirty thousand army personnel twelve Gunship helicopters, four fighter jets, several spy planes of different sizes, heavy artillery, poisonous gases and missiles are being used only in Talli, Bambore, Kahan, Jabbar, Nasau, Quat, Mundai and other parts of Marri Area.

Due to ten days of intensive bombing and shelling by army Jets, Gunship Helicopters and heavy artillery at least 86 confirm deaths and more then 120 serious wounded have been reported. Mostly victims are women and young children

These days Baloch and Sindhi internet forums are buzzing with the situation in Pakistan , in particular Balochistan where nationalists and militant baloch are engaged in a deadly battle against Government of Pakistan for their rights over resources . One such popular baloch forum is BalochUnity which was formed by Dr.Jumma Khan Ramkhani Marri , son of Mr.Mir Hazar Ramkhani Marri who lead armed revolt against Pakistan in 1970’s . Ever since it became popular , many baloch and sindhi intellectuals have joined the forum , members include who is who in Sindh and Baloch politics . It is a common practice for intelligence operatives and other intellectuals to infiltrate into these closed door popular forums using fake ID’s or sometimes genuine to monitor their chatter and keep tabs on individuals and their future activities . Pakistani intelligence operatives from ISI including retired army officials , have infiltrated all baloch and sindh groups . Brigadier (r) Usman Khalid, a Self appointed director of London Institute of South Asia was “reading” the exchange of mails between intellectuals and their Indian friends , it is said that he even worked for Pakistani Intelligence ISI . One has to visit his website to get a snapshot of what his organization stands for with respect to India , it would be a shock for Indians , at the first glance one can see a gallery of Ant-India activists and leaders using pictures of Dr.Ambedkar , Guru Nanak and Mr Jinnah as a façade to dupe ordinary public . Names are “ 1.Brigadier (retd) Usman Khalid (Pakistan) London - Director ,2. V.T.Rajshekar, Editor Dalit Voice, Bangalore, India ,3. Dr Miss K. F. Yusuf, former Vice Chancellor Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad 4. Dr. M.Abdul Mu’min Chowdhury (East Pakistan) London ,5.Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon (Punjab), Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 6.Dr Syed M. Inayatullah Andrabi (Occupied Kashmir), London ,7.Abidullah Jan (Pakistan), Toronto, Canada “

In the book “Authentic Voices of South Asia” edited by Brigadier (R) Usman Khalid which he says “ It is the first book where the victims speak out and make their case.” Stated
'The Muslims were the only people who had developed a 'national personality' by 1947 but they were not the only nation. Every nation in India is bound to seek sovereignty as it crystallises its national personality and has a birthright to do so'.

What about the authentic voices of Balochistan , Sindh and Gilgit Baltistan( All south Asians) and who is going to listen their voice, fifty years of oppression by Punjabi Pakistan where basic human rights were denied. Why so called champions of Human Rights look the other way to their plight and magnify isolated incidents in India and research under microscope . The word “South Asia” serves better for Pakistanis more than Indians , as they lack face value abroad , and most of the organizations formed with “South asian” tags are infiltrated by ISI agents and India Haters , used for Anti-India , anti-hindu activities .This worthy Brigadier didn’t realized the fact that India is one of the few countries in the world where democracy is thriving and rule of law still exists unlike Quid e Azam’s Pakistan with waste lawless frontiers ,where ISI is the real government , to be precise Pakistani Army . Pakistan is a fertile and good candidate to crystallize for many reasons with strong raison d'être to support

The situation in Pakistan has rapidly deteriorated in the last five years , Dr.N.S.Rajaram commented on an article (‘The Lawless Frontier’, The Atlantic Monthly, September 2000) in 2000 that “ State of Pakistan is being overwhelmed by forces of history and geography. A state with less than a tenth the resources of India, Pakistan is forced to fight insurgencies on its frontiers perhaps ten times as great as in Kashmir. It is only a matter of time before the institutions of the state totally breakdown. And this is because of the fundamental irrationality of Pakistan, which is less a state than a turbulent frontier that a small Punjabi elite is attempting to hold together. This is the picture that emerges from a masterly study of the state of Pakistan written by Robert Kaplan, probably the world’s leading reporter on the region (‘The Lawless Frontier’, The Atlantic Monthly, September 2000). “ , this is still true and the situation is worsening day by day with Baloch and Sindh Nationalists joining hands to throw Punjabi Pakistanis out of their lands, Pakistan is a chimera of Quid-e- Azam and all Pakistanis know this fact .

How Pakistan can be “crystallized” ?

Indians have to realize that meltdown of Pakistan is not cheap for India ,it is a big head ache with uneducated , jihadi minded refugees who sneak into India may pose serious security problems . Though Indians don’t hate Pakistanis just they don’t like “Jihadi Streak “ in them . I’ve recently encountered an online petition “DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM” by Syed Jamaluddin wich envisions “crystallizing” of Pakistan into 4 parts . “ Pakistan is divided in at least four parts. It is essential to divide the northern part of Pakistan into two countries that is Punjabistan and Pakhtoonistan. The Punjabistan will be on the eastern side and the present province of Punjab can be converted into Punjabistan while the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) having its borders with Afghanistan should be made another country called Pakhtoonistan. The new Pakhtoonistan will be a country loyal to the international comity of nations and shall not harbor any terrorists within its geography. Punjabistan shall not have any access to terrorist camps now being run by Pakistan Army in Afghanistan and NWFP as Pakhtoonistan will be a hurdle between Afghanistan and Punjabistan. The Pakistan Army mainly belongs to Punjab and hence the creation of Punjabistan and Pakhtoonistan will break the integrated network between Afghanistan and ISI (Pakistan Army). “ , meaning so called “Punjabistan” will become a landlocked country and will be at the mercy of India and vulunrable to Pakhtoons .

Further it continues to state ”On the southern part of Pakistan, two new countries Sindhudesh and Jinnahpur can be made. The Sindhudesh will comprise of Sindhis living in the province of Sindh while Jinnahpur will be a country to house the urdu speaking immigrants from India who had migrated from India after partition of 1947. The population of urdu speaking community living in Karachi (the main commercial city of Pakistan) is around 15 Million. This new country called Jinnahpur can be a secular state of its own kind. The idea is that some 10 million Christians from India may also voluntarily migrate to Jinnahpur to form a pure secular state in South Asia so as to keep a political balance in the region. In Karachi alone (which will be transformed into a new country called Jinnahpur), we can have as many churches as we want along with awarding rights of preaching Christianity and Islam in parallel terms. “

This self styled Director is also a master of intimidation, read this
HATE correspondence and sometime back he issued crude threats . A recent email to baloch and sindhi activists tell volumes about his flare to intimidate Baloch and Sindh activists and also hate for America and Israel, India . Threatening not to make friends with kafir and India he wrote “. I can only pray for those who think of India and the Kafir as their friend and Punjabi Muslims their enemy” . Explaining the how close they become a traitor from subversive , “The subversives have to cross a very fine line to become traitors. They start with complaining of being victims, then they seek the support of the enemy and embrace his agenda, and then become full fledged traitors.” . He urge Pakistan to take note of activities of “Sindhi Hindus” .

It is time for Britain’s MI-5 to keep this Retired Brigadier on watch list as his hate for West and his ISI connections may pose a danger to security , not to forgot London bombers are of Pakistani origin .

Complete excerpt of email below

From Usman Khalid


I have been reading the exchange between Sindhi/Baluchi subversives and their Hindu Indian friends. I can only pray for those who think of India and the Kafir as their friend and Punjabi Muslims their enemy. May Allah help them!

The subversives have to cross a very fine line to become traitors. They start with complaining of being victims, then they seek the support of the enemy and embrace his agenda, and then become full fledged traitors. The Charter of demands by WSC uses the same Indian propaganda against Pakistan that the Sheikh Mujib did in East Pakistan.

I hope some one in Pakistan is taking note of the subversion by Sindhi Hindus of Diaspora Muslims hailing from Sindh. While the Muslim World has its attention focussed on warding off attacks from America and Israel, India is quietly working for subverting Islam (Sufi Islam) and Muslims (MQM and numerous organisations like WSC and WSI) in Sindh.

Brigadier (retd) Usman Khalid
Director London Institute of South Asia

HATE correspondence


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