January 06, 2006

Massacre of Hindus in Balochistan by Pakistani Army : Video

Dera Bugti Massacre Video Archive

“I have videos and some pictures as undeniable evidence of the killings.” “I can show it to the media; according to our reports, 32 Hindus and 27 Muslims were killed while 22 people were injured in the incident.” -- Nawab Akbar Bugti
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On 17th March 2005, Pakistan's Paramilitary Forces, Started Shelling the town of Dera Bugti, more then 60 Civilians were killed in this indiscriminate Bombardment, among them 33 Hindus were killed

Pakistan's Electronic and print media denied this incident, which was caused by their own Army and security forces. A Local of Dera Bugti Made these Video's. We are providing few clips from the Video for downloads...

Details are only now available of the 10-hour-long battle between the Frontier Corps troops and Balochi nationalists belonging to the Bugti tribe on March 17,2005. Twenty-eight members of the Bugti tribe and 33 Hindus living under the protection of the tribe were killed during the exchange of fire. Of the Hindus killed, 19 were children.

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Anonymous said...

these bastards are killing innocent people and no human rights organisation, un and usa have even a little sympathy for these innocent people.

Anonymous said...

hi its shamroz khan from sialkot . I will just say that no one can break pakistan and these stupid selfish persons are using the inocent people of balochistan for their own purpose. and inshallah no can harm pakistan inshallah

Anonymous said...

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