April 19, 2006

Univ. of Houston: India studies program

The University of Houston will be starting a new
program on India Studies at their Central Campus in
the college of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences under
the leadership of Prof. Dr. John Antel. This program
which is spearheaded by the Foundation for India
Studies (FIS) will be crucial to the future Indian
generations in Houston. In the first phase, two
courses will be offered this fall. In the second
phase, a full fledged Department of India Studies will
offer courses in other India related subjects. In the
third and final phase, an Endowed Chair will be
established to lead research on India in various
fields. This is a community driven, University
executed project which is estimated to cost about $3

The Department of International Studies at the
university is organizing a reception for the community
at the University Center to formally announce the
program. The reception will be held at 8.00PM on
Friday, 21st April at the University Center. It is
open to all members of the Indian community. Please
come and support this legacy project. Chau dancers
(tribals) from the West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orrisa
regions will entertain you, courtesy of Govt. of
India. Seating will start at 7.30PM on first come
first served basis. For directions : 713-743-0600 and
parking : 713-743-5849

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