May 20, 2006

How a Pseudo -Secular Mind Works

-- Anonymous

A little about me:
I am a well-educated, English speaking Hindu and I consider myself secular.

Here are a few situations and my typical responses just to show how my mind works:

If a pro-Hindu patriot asks me my stand on Islamic Terrorism
I would say, "I think BJP, VHP and RSS killed more Muslims in Gujarat than all the terror attacks by a few people who happen to be Muslims. I think those who kill innocent people are not Muslims at all. After all isn't Islam a Religion of Peace? The Sangh is the biggest curse to India. They have ruined India's image abroad. They only want to kill innocent people. They are hate-mongers and communal fundamentalists. They should all be banned."

If a pro-Hindu patriot reminds me of Christian Conversions and Perversions
I would say, "Atleast they help the poor and needy. What do the VHP and RSS do? Only incite them to act against Christians and Muslims!"

If a pro-Hindu patriot reminds me of ethnic cleansing in Kashmir and Nagaland
I would say, "A Hindu dying in Kashmir makes no difference to me. See, Kashmir is disputed territory. The terrorists want only Kashmir. Why not just give it to them? Then there will be peace in the region and also we would have to spend much less money to maintain the security there. And I don't know what you are talking about Nagaland."

If a pro-Hindu patriot asks me to re-evaluate my stand on Gandhiji and Mother Teresa
I would say, "So you are against the greatest souls to have graced our country also? Come on, give me a break. Gandhiji brought us independence through his non-violent methods, he single handedly took on the Britishers. And the fundamentalists you support like Savarkar and Godse killed him. What a shame! And whats wrong with Mother Teresa? Didn't she serve the very people whom you want me to serve? She was a selfless soul. What you want is just to disrepute her good work. You will not be successful here."

If a pro-Hindu patriot asks me my stand on arrest of Shankaracharya, repeated arrests of Praveen Togadia and non-arrest of Imam Bukhari:
I would say, "No one is above the law. That Shankaracharya is an underserving criminal. He got a temple official killed. He deserves what he's got. Absolutely! Hinduism is about tolerance, and peace. Your Praveen Togadia doesn't know it. He is a fascist. Even if a dog dies on the street, he blames Muslims for it. He has a single-point agenda of maligning the Muslims and Christians. And he incites people against them. He should be permanently kept in jail, so that he can't spew any venom. And what is the case against Imam Bukhari? Why should he be arrested? Just because he's a Muslim?"

If a pro-Hindu patriot asks me to serve the poor, help the needy and save our country:
I would say, "How does it matter to me if people are dying of hunger? I just want to finish my education and go abroad. India is a rotten mess in any case, whats the point wasting my life here?"

If a pro-Hindu patriot gives me a lecture on why we need to be religious and pious
I would say, "What has religion done to this country? The present degradation is because of undue importance to religion and blind beliefs. Your theories of rebirth, spirituality and karma hold no water. They aren't proven scientifically. Why should I ruin my time on all that nonsense? I would rather hangout with my friends, watch movies and go pubbing."

If a pro-Hindu patriot gives me lots of reading material, loaded with hard facts on a particular issue:
I would dismiss everything as mere propaganda and would believe our neutral secular media and secular NGOs run by like Teesta Setalvad, Arundhati Roy and Angana Chatterjee.


neha said...

hey, its nice to see alternative opinion of the so called 'majority' of india increasingly on blogspots...but i would suggest you make your identity more obvious on the blag will add more value to what you say and may draw the attention of those who are so obsessed about credibility(and hence watch NDTV!).

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