May 17, 2006

Is Sarangi Mahajan the center of whole issue of Promod Mahajan's murder ?

Source : Shivamvij

I smiled a vicarious smile as a friend’s ‘inside’ information about Pravin Mahajan’s real muder motive tumbled into the public domain. Outlook on Saturday and Hindustan Times on Sunday, and possibly others since then, have more than hinted that the real reason for the attempted murder of BJP general secretary Pramod Mahajan was sexual jealousy.

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Why is police being asked to slow down its investigation into Pravin’s real motives? Normally, a murder or attempt-to-murder probe examines five motives: ‘previous enmity, sudden quarrel, land matters, pecuniary gain, woman matters’. Were they done?

The question still remains: would a long-felt fraternal grudge drive a man to kill his brother? Or is there more to the case that the police are not revealing? Could it be a financial fallout between the brothers or something even more sensitive?

It’s not that the police are not aware of other angles. But they are under pressure to keep a lid on the sensational. Also, the family clearly does not want any dirty linen being washed in public and have been pulling strings to limit the investigations to the actual incident. Any wider probe might open a Pandora’s box of uncomfortable questions for the entire family and perhaps for the BJP’s financial sources.

Insiders say there are two other issues here. One is about financial matters between the brothers. Having brought up Pravin, Mahajan tried to get him settled into various businesses. He even chose his bride Sarangi at a college function where he was the chief guest.

The second reason, insiders say, is about a deep-seated resentment Pravin had about something very personal. One man who knows more than most about these issues is former deputy CM Gopinath Munde, married to Mahajan’s sister Pradnya. But his lips are understandably sealed.

He [Pravin] functioned as marketing consultant to Reliance Infocom, drawing a salary of Rs 63,000 per month, probably due to his brother’s influence. This salary cheque, incidentally, went directly to his wife Sarangi. Mahajan even cleared his brother’s bills at Shubha Hotel and Bar at Thane.

A part of the answer to this gruesome mystery may perhaps lie with Pravin’s wife Sarangi. … Insiders say that Sarangi had expressed a desire to see Pramod Mahajan in hospital but was advised by her mother-in-law against it. Curiously, Sarangi and her 16-year-old twins, confined to their house since the incident, have not expressed a desire to meet or talk to Pravin. [Link]

In such a situation, it is somewhat difficult to say everything without saying everything, for the copy has to walk the talk with the legal fineprint as well. Which is why I think the Hindustan Times on Sunday did a better job, and how! For one, they repeatedly used the phrase, “Crimes of Passion” and the sub-title read: “Pravin Mahajan’s wife, Sarangi, finds herself caught in the midst of a bloody crossfire Sarangi surely wouldn’t have wanted any tragedy coming, as Pramod trusted her even more than he did his own brother.” A good part of the one-page story gave you the Latin roots of the word passion, quotable quotes ranging from Benjamin Franklin and Milan Kundera, and a roundup of other “passion” murders in Indian politics, like the Madhumita murder case. The story itself was bolder than Outlook’s:

In fact, even Sarangi’s entry into the family was because of Pramod. The BJP leader, who had become the family patriarch once father Venkatesh died in 1971, saw her at a dance performance at Dharampeth college in Nagpur where he was the chief guest. He liked her so much that he went to the principal and asked about her background, and then he approached her parents with a marriage proposal for Pravin, who had just completed his B.Sc.

And though Pramod continued to treat Pravin as if he were his own son, even buying the Thane flat for his family, Pravin couldn’t have liked the fact that his brother was closer to his wife, no matter how sensible she may have been.

It is believed that Sarangi even spoke of divorce once, which only served to make Pravin more irascible. … If Pravin had made up his mind about killing his brother, he did not reveal it the night before. He had dinner with the family, but his wife did not accompany them. [Hindustan Times, 30 April, Delhi edition, via]

All’s fair in love and war?


Anonymous said...

Jealousy may have led to Mahajan's shooting
By Ajay Jha, Chief Correspondent

New Delhi: Opposition leader Pramod Mahajan's colourful lifestyle may have contributed to his younger brother pumping three bullets into his body last week.

While the Mumbai Police is trying to find a convincing reason that may have compelled Pravin Mahajan to take such an extreme step last Saturday, the political grapevine here says that Mahajan's proximity to his younger brother's wife may have played a big role in the tragedy.

Mahajan, an incumbent general secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), is currently battling for his life at Mumbai's Hinduja Hospital, where his family rushed him after the shooting at his Worli apartment. The police are questioning Pravin to establish a motive for the crime he committed.

"While it is up to the police to find out the missing links, there is a strong suspicion that Pravin did not like the proximity between his wife Sarangi and his elder brother," sources in the BJP said.

They point out that Sarangi was an active member of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), the student wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and was considered closer to Mahajan who subsequently played the matchmaker by getting Sarangi married to Pravin.

While Pravin's lawyer claimed that he was mentally unstable, his wife did him no good by telling the police that her husband was mentally sound. "The general tendency of a wife would be to save her husband at all costs. Sarangi does not seem interested in saving Pravin," sources said.

BJP circles say that Mahajan has been in the habit of obliging his young female followers rather openly. During the time he was federal Minister for Communications in the previous Atal Bihari Vajpayee government, he created a big controversy by nominating a young aspiring politician, Monica, to a senior position in the government.

Monica's nomination to the Board of Directors in the Ministry of Communications did not go down well even in BJP circles. Normally experienced and qualified people are nominated to such positions.

The media then discovered that it was Mahajan's reward to her. Like Sarangi, Monica had also served in the ABVP and was considered a "close associate" of Mahajan in BJP circles.

Incidentally, BJP circles also suggest that the former Delhi chief minister Madan Lal Khurana was about to reveal a lot about Mahajan's colourful personality when he promised to expose questionable personal lives of some of the BJP leaders after he was suspended from the party.

Khurana has since backtracked after Pravin took things into his own hands and confessed before the police that he tried to kill his brother since he ignored and insulted him, a reason that has convinced none.

Although Mahajan has been one of the senior central leaders of the party for more than 15 years, he was seen more as a political manager and a fund raiser than a politician. While initially he was close to Lal Krishna Advani, he switched loyalty to become Vajpayee's trusted aide.

Astrologers forewarned victim

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Pramod Mahajan had been warned by astrologers that he may be shot in the near future.

Mahajan had a close escape during electioneering in Bihar, when a bullet fired in the direction of the dais hit another former federal minister Ravi Shankar Prasad last year.

Mahajan is said to have started taking this prediction seriously after that and always used a bulletproof vest beneath his Kurta that he even slept in during campaigning in Assam earlier this month.

While he is known for detesting security and even while he was a minister kept only the bare minimum, he could not have imagined that not wearing his bulletproof vest at home could become his undoing as three bullets fired by his younger brother would be lodged inside his body.

Anonymous said...

I am not condemning Pramod for his taste in women. Kennedys, Clinton, Gore, Gandhiji, Martin Luther King and Krishna Bhagwan, were they all not women lovers? The reason a brother will kill his brother has to be the jealousy about one's wife. That was the absolute revenege for screwing his wife.

Deva said...

Aap sab bhatak rahe hai. BJP Fund kahan gayi Rs.2150 Crore? BJP barbad ho gayi. Bahut badi sajish huyi. Pahle Pramod, Fir unka Secretary, Fir slow doze karke Pravin ko bimar kiya aur khatam. Sochne wali baat hai. Murder 3 logo ka hua hai aur murderer abhi jinda hai. Bahut bade log is conspiracy ka hissa hai. Hum chuup hi rahenge.

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amirev777 said...

Even I suspect Pramod may have been having some affair with Sarangi which forced Pravin to pull the trigger.

Anonymous said...

I really wonder how such a man could go up the ladder in the BJP hierarchy. Here we have a Narendra Modi who denounced his own wife also at the age of 17 and we had this colourful character named Pramod Mahajan who was totally against the norms laid down by RSS. I respect RSS but how could it groom such a monster like Pramod Mahajan.