May 23, 2006

JOKE OF THE DAY : Why Minhaz Merchant thinks Rahul Gandhi make a good prime minister ?

Here s what Minhaz Merchant think about Rahul Gandhi . which is making rounds in Internet . Youngesters in India are laughing in sleeves .
Rahul Gandhi, PM?

Minhaz Merchant
Sunday, May 21, 2006 21:33 IST

"Why do I think Rahul will one day make a good prime minister? This half-Italian, quarter-Parsi, quarter-Kashmiri pandit is modest, bright (but fortunately not too brilliant—always a handicap in most professions), hardworking and shrewd. He knows which buttons to press, who to rely on, the kind of talent to surround himself with. In a young, globalised, forward-looking India, Rahul Gandhi is in the right place at the right time. "

Minhaz ! Give Indians a break from this sick Joke , we Indians don't need dynasty rule again . There are many Indians who are more qualified than Rahul Gandhi , working hard every day on the ground . Rahul Gandhi can appeal only yo underpriviledge and uneducated . WAKE UPPP !

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Anonymous said...

"Naxal Watch",

Very articulate commentary there. I hope you've seen fit to count yourself among the "uneducated", given your highly idiosyncratic usage of punctuation and misspelling of "underprivileged". Top-notch work. There's no doubt in my mind that your assessment of Mr Merchant's opinion of Mr Gandhi is both robust and trustworthy.