May 31, 2006

LOK PARITRAN IN BANGALORE : Its stand on Reservation

Lok Paritran has arrived in Bangalore to kick off its nationwide expansion campaign. The national working committee of Lok Paritran held a press conference yesterday to announce their arrival in Bangalore to set up their Karnataka headquarters in Bangalore. This is the first step of their national drive to set up offices in all the states.

The national working committee candidly fielded numerous questions from the attendant press persons. The dominant issue was of course the issue of reservation in higher education institutions. Chandrashekar, the national general secretary elucidate the position of the party on reservation. “It is clear from our ideology that we are against reservation as a concept. It has been clear from the beginning that practically the only driving force behind the reservation policy in our country is vote bank politics and not the intention to empower and uplift the oppressed and downtrodden sections of society. Reservation only propagates the caste system that it claims to work against. It promotes differences in society and does not help the truly needy and deserving persons. Apart from propagating the caste system, it results in creating an upper class amongst certain castes who then continue to use the system only for their benefit. If the truly needy and oppressed persons have to be uplifted, then reservation is not the way.

To the people that are benefited by this policy, the president said, “As a group you might be benefited by this policy but ultimately it’s not going the serve the purpose it claims to serve. The protection of person should only be taken to a limit. At some point you have to come out and face the world the way it is with courage and dignity. Even inside the groups the real needy are only to be neglected due to very setting that justifies the existence of this policy. That is that the system CAN NOT ensure justice at individual level. It’s only going to create the same setting inside the group that exists right now in the society. Do not think of this as any real benefit.”

He further explained “Even if we assume this to be a tool of justice, it bears the traits of colonial system. Treating an individual as individual was not possible long back due to very thin control of centralized system. In such policies individual is not treated as individual by the system, but as part of some group, and the whole society is taken as aggregate of such groups. This always leaves or creates fault lines in a society, or exposes and intensifies them. The rise of caste based social groups in recent years is a glaring example of this. Instead of going by the reservation policy the government should reach out to the people in the entire depth to ensure justice and equality.”

“We are aware that in many parts of the country, people are being oppressed solely on the basis of caste. As per our Ideology, it is essential that the system works efficiently in prosecuting and punishing the persons involved in such activities. This will result in the rooting out of such and other discriminative activities and establishment of social justice.”

Ajit Shukla, the national treasurer added, “Reservations are a challenge to a person’s dignity.” Addressing the issue of reservation for women he said “They form 50% of the population in the country. Instead of taking a freebie of 33% reservation, we ask them that are all of them, to come out in large numbers, stand for elections and take their rightful place in the administration of the country.”

“As far as students are concerned, we say that this is a matter that needs to be handled in a calm and professional manner, not only for the benefit of the valuable student community, but also for making India the great nation that it once was. This party has been formed to courageously and openly handle issues like this, without being influenced by thoughts of personal gain and vote bank politics. Lok Paritran is behind the student community like a rock and will protect the interests of the students”, added Tanmay.

The message to the people he said “There are many wrong decisions being taken at the highest levels of government. Opposing or even successfully nullifying such decisions will not help much since the structure itself is flawed. It is bound to make such divisive decision again and again and divide the populace to the point that any successful opposition will become impossible due to the fragmentation of society. The preliminary signs of this end have already started appearing and the current reservation issue is the blatant example of this. It is time for us to get united not only to oppose a certain decision but to make sustained and structured efforts to correct the system.”

The party is organizing a public meeting at the hall on to meet members of the public and create awareness of the policies and ideology of the party. Interested persons may contact the Party on

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