July 12, 2006

7/11 : Jihadis on rampage

The Pioneer Edit Desk

Does the UPA regime have the courage to confront them? ---- Those who are seeking to divert attention from the enormity of Tuesday's terrorist bombings in Mumbai that have left at least 200 commuters dead and more than 600 injured, many of them crippled for the rest of their lives, by repeatedly stressing on what Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has described as the people's "resilience and resolve" to "triumph over the evil designs of the merchants of death and destruction", are doing a disservice to the interests of the nation and the war against terrorism. Only an effete and irresolute Government will limply suggest that the people must fight and win the battle against Islamist terrorism while those in power wring their hands in abject despair or, worse, refuse to act in any manner that may be seen as not being in consonance with an astounding policy of appeasement whose scary contour has now come to include pandering to radical Islamism. Soon after coming to power in the summer of 2004, the UPA Government repealed the Prevention of Terrorism Act, not because it had been 'abused', as alleged by the Congress and its hand maidens in the Left, by the previous NDA regime, but to send out a clear, unambiguous signal to the jihadis and their patrons that they can do as they wish without any let or hindrance; the Congress would be grateful to receive a fistful of votes in return. Between then and now, that message has been received well by those who believe that their faith obliges them to kill and maim innocent men, women and children - for evidence, look at the increasingly audacious terrorist strikes over the past two years and the ease with which jihadis have expanded the theatre of their violence with the state, under the tutelage of the Congress-led regime, remaining a mute spectator.

Tuesday's bombings in Mumbai, which bear a stark resemblance to the Madrid explosions and were as cunningly and ruthlessly executed as the 7/7 London Underground attacks, follow a series of daring strikes, beginning with the assault on the Ram temple in Ayodhya on July 5 last year. That the attack was foiled was more fortuitous than the result of official resolve - either of the Uttar Pradesh Government or the Centre. But there was no such luck when terrorists bombed Delhi on the eve of Diwali, leaving 52 people dead, or when they struck Sankat Mochan Mandir and the railway station in Varanasi; or, for that matter, when they pushed the frontier of jihad by striking terror at Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. Meanwhile, with Mr Singh and his advisers unabashedly propitiating Gen Pervez Musharraf by unilaterally gifting him a series of concessions described as 'confidence building measures' and offering to pull out troops from Jammu & Kashmir - ideas no doubt born of the Prime Minister's preference to "think out of the box" - terrorists and separatists in that State have stepped up their violence and anti-India propaganda. The slaughter of Hindus continues unabated, especially in places like Doda, and of late jihadis have developed a macabre fondness for lobbing grenades into vehicles carrying tourists. Just how bad the situation has turned in Jammu & Kashmir can be gauged from the fact that the attacks on tourists have taken place not in remote areas but in the heart of Srinagar where security arrangement are supposed to be foolproof.

And how does the Government respond to the challenge? Mr Singh, who bravely declared in Washington last year that he would adopt a policy of zero tolerance towards terrorism, and his advisers try to reach out to, and mollycoddle, the political masters of the killers by initiating what has been grandiosely described as the 'Roundtable Conference'. Of course their invitation was scornfully spurned, and will continue to be spurned. The generals and foot soldiers of jihad know that with a pusillanimous regime in New Delhi, a Government that believes its policy of non-action against terrorism can be encashed for votes at the time of elections, they are on a winning streak. That no amount of death and destruction can goad the UPA into action or enrage the Prime Minister sufficiently for him to stand up and lead from the front is evidenced from the Government's astonishingly soft response to the massacre in Mumbai, a response in keeping with its shameful denial that a new wave of terrorism is sweeping through India. Craftily worded platitudinous statements may make speechwriters proud and keep 'secularists' who see nothing wrong with bloodletting in the name of jihad happy, but they can neither fetch comfort to those who have encountered the brutality of terrorism nor scare those who perpetrate terror. On the contrary, they generate loathing for a soft and supine Government too enervated to act even in the face of grave provocation. It is laughable that at this moment of monumental tragedy inflicted on the nation by jihadis aided, abetted and armed by their masters in Islamabad, the Government should even talk of the so-called 'peace process' with Pakistan. Surely Mr Singh and his advisers do not need further evidence to prove that Gen Musharraf has reneged on his January 2004 promise? After such knowledge what forgiveness?

It does not require the Prime Minister to remind the people of their "resilience and resolve". This nation has had the resilience and resolve to survive invasions and aggressions in the distant and not so distant past; it shall withstand jihad, too. What we need is a demonstration of determination and conviction by those who presume to rule India; we need a Government that is not lacking in resilience and resolve. It is obvious that there has been a serious intelligence lapse, both in New Delhi and in Mumbai; it is equally obvious that individuals have abysmally failed in fulfilling their responsibility. Let the Prime Minister show that he means business by sacking some of these exalted keepers of India's security. That would be a good first step. Second, it is amply clear by now that the abrogation of POTA was a disastrous decision propelled by the Congress's craving for minority votes which, actually, is an insult to the vast majority of India's Muslims. Therefore, POTA must be brought back on the statute books. This is the least that the Prime Minister can do to convince sceptics, who have justifiable reasons to doubt this Government's ability to protect the lives of citizens, that India's war against terror means more than mere lip service. Inaction after Terror Tuesday will only suggest that the Government has abandoned the people, leaving them at the mercy of jihadis.

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