July 12, 2006

7/11 : Modi the real PM of India speaks

'Mumbai blasts a warning to the entire country'

Press Trust of India
Posted online: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 at 2041 hours IST

Ahmedabad, July 12: Accusing the leadership of the UPA government of not taking a strong stance against terrorism, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi said the train in Mumbai were a warning that terrorism has gone beyond Jammu and Kashmir and spread in the country.

"The blasts (in suburban trains) in Mumbai is a warning to the entire country that terrorism has not limited itself to Jammu and Kashmir," said Modi while addressing a function at Gujarat Chambers of Commerce and Industries (GCCI).

"When terrorists had attacked tourists in J&K (a couple of months back), I had then written a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh telling him that terrorism was not confined to J&K but has spread in the entire country," Modi said.

"The terrorists are now deciding which places to attack, when to attack and how to attack while we are standing and watching helplessly," he said.

"We need to develop a national will to defeat these terrorists," he said.

"The leadership should stand up and take charge. Unfortunately, no such voices (against terrorist and terrorism are being heard," Modi added.

"I am not criticising anybody but I am trying to say that we urgently need to develop a national will against terrorism," he said.

"Terrorism is not an issue of just one state. It has become a global phenomenon and co-ordination is needed to defeat it," he added.


Anonymous said...

I agree the the Honorable Chief Minister is the true voice of the people of India, and not that spineless servant of Sonia.

Er. Suresh Arya said...

Having seen Mr. Advani not fullfilling his promising to act as Sardar Patel of India there remains only few people who can be trusted to protect Hindus in India.
Narendra Modi could be one of such leaders.

Anonymous said...

mr.Modi should assume leadership of BJP there should be at least 5 mr.mdois for each state to exterminate islamic and christian terrorists.We need a person like him for "kashmiri pandits".I still don't understand why they want to be slaughtered why don't they fight like "Gujaratis and LTTE".

Proud Moderate Muslim said...

How stupid are you people? Especially the writer of the first blog who said that Indian Muslims are to be blamed for 7/11 until proven otherwise! I mean, Hello! Who are you? and what makes you think that you can give out such stupid comments? It is ignorant people like yourself that give rise to extremism. Yes, people like you three give birth to Modi and his idealogy.
How is your ignorance and extremism better than that of Osama's? In my humble opinion Togadia is worse than Osama. You cant deny that he also operates terror camps in which low caste hindus are trained in weapon usage. He also is allowed to distribute weapons (yeah trishuls).You all blurt out the same stupid sh*t with no respect to another's belief's. According to your kind, if it's not your way then it's the wrong way! Wake up silly bufoons.
I had lost faith in Islam as a kid..but when extremists like Modi & YOU started blabbering crap i found anew respect for the religion which when followed in moderation and with some intelligence is a great one.
Yes, intelligence. We all know that an Elephant can not have "super natural" powers...its a symbolic representaion which some "stupid" people dont understand. And before you numb wits call me a jihadi, let me inform you that my mother is a Kathiawari Brahmin and my father is the most liberal Pathan you can come across. So, we had the liberty and opportunity to study the scriptures of both the religions and make our "intelligent" (yes) observations and opinions. So i can tell from an unbiased point of view that no religion is worse than the other.. It is people like you who make a joke out of the Elephant god or the promise of 72 virgins in heaven!
Wake up silly Indians.