July 18, 2006

Rigging in elections mars its outcome in Pakistan controlled Kashmir

Mumtaz Khan
International Kashmir Alliance

The elections in Pakistan administered Kashmir are over but its outcome are widely disputed and controversial except the party which was awarded the power in response of its unconditional loyalties its leadership promised to the military regime in Pakistan. The open rigging in elections has marred fairness and impartiality of elections since Pakistan military regime has first used the most controversial constitutional restraint to bar the 72 nationalist candidates from participating in the elections. The constitutional restraint had been enacted in 1974 interim Act: the Act that had been written by then Pakistan’s Law minister Abdul Hafiz Pirzada and had been passed within two hours time without any debate in so-called Assembly. The electoral clause stating that no individual or party shall be permitted to propagate the political views prejudicial or detrimental to the ideology of “state’s accession to Pakistan” and places restriction over the candidates who refuse to embrace or subscribe it. This controversial constitutional clause that is widely disputed and controversial but is designed to oust the political opponents from electoral process to ensure the smooth sailing of their cronies to propagate internationally that Kashmiri’s are with Pakistan.

While all other Political parties, except only one political party that was ensured her smooth sailing in elections again this time, opposed the constitutional restraints and demanded the revocation of discriminatory clause. The former PM Sultan Mahmood Choudhry and head of recently formed political party PML, included in its election manifesto to revoke the controversial discriminatory constitutional clause if was elected to the power. But his changed stance made him to lose the elections as prior to the elections government of Pakistan had promised to stay neutral in elections and general impression was that military and Choudhry’s support Choudhry Sultan who probably had gone to the stage in defiance to challenge his party leadership by putting his candidate in Kashmir council elections to win military’s confidence. But just a week before elections Mushraf’s intervention changed the political scenario when he met Saradar Attique President of Muslim Conference along with his father Sardar Qayum and in press he stated that he supports Muslim Conference. And after the meeting both son and father began public and media campaign that center has given them green signal to form the next government before the elections that made elections a futile practice only for eyewash.

As election’s results in Pakistan controlled Kashmir are largely controlled, manipulated and determined by the secret agency ISI, and no pro-Pakistan political leadership affords to challenge their undisputed power and position they enjoy in the Area. Past track record is witness that elections were widely rigged every time and only that party came to the power which had had support of Islamabad. Sardar Qayum once crony of GHQ dominated in the polity of Azad Kashmir for last four decades except a brief period of Mushraf when he took over the reign in Islamabad sidelined him politically. And his rival Sikandar was made the PM because Sardar Qayum probably failed to maintain the agencies trust. Serving army general Anwar Khan landed at Muzafarabad as president just week before his selection he was retired and constitution was amended over army order in a in a day to clear the way for General to be President. If Military has means and will to change the fate of the politics in Pakistan, Its controlled Kashmir its viceroy is core commander Murree, as sitting PM sikandar Hayat confessed many times recently in the media by ridiculing himself that what kind PM he was when he has to seek the permission of GOC Murree to change the Deputy Commissioner.

The brief period Sardar Qayum saw the political crisis by losing the military’s confidence despite his utmost efforts to regain the lost confidence finally paid him this time as general Mushraf has declared him PM before the polls but it made elections completely useless. As it is the common practice of ISI to divide all political parties to ensure their complete control n them has not spared the Azad Kashmir where there assurances and close association of Chodhry Brothers to Choudhry Sultan mahmood first led him to lose the PPP’s leadership in Azad Kashmir and ultimately his departure from PPP resulted in his political demise after losing the elections on his hereditary seat of his uncle.

Choudhry was confident enough to be rewarded to put the dent on PPP but soon all dreams shattered. Army got its job done to split PPP probably helps it to bargain with BB.

While Sardar Qayum succeeded to have his name removed from bad cops to the good cops of ISI this time by using his political vision skillfully to hang between moderation and Kashmir unity, by claiming the legacy of Sheikh Abdullah, offered his grand son Umar Abdullah a grandeur reception in Islamabad whom others were reluctant to shake hands lest this practice should not make them black listed in ISI’s files. While Sardar Qayum castigated the Jihadi’s and Jihad during his visit to New Delhi to keeps Delhi smiling as well. Despite the fact that he ran the Mujahideen Camps to liberate the Indian controlled Kashmir but soon overpowered by other Jihad organization and closed down the camps under the scandals of misappropriation 60 crore which latter military has widely used against him to keep him mum and mute. But he knows to sail through the troubled water and fishing in deep water, and this time troubled water brought him good luck by crowning his son and sidelining his rival Sikadar Hayat through same ISI, to earn bad name by rigging the elections especially the notoriously abused and misused 12 seats of refugees.
The controversial 12 seats of refugees have always been soaring point in the polity of Azad Kashmir where elections on these seats were always widely and completely rigged every time who ever was in power in Pakistan. This time was not different than before as MC bagged six with two MQM seats eight while remaining were independent who can easily switch their loyalty.
Election results were disputed by all parties leaders especially 12 seats where Nazims, ministers in Pakistan had already filled the ballot boxes when people began to arrive to the polling station and were not allowed to cast their vote, and signed ballot papers were presented to the media to show the elections irregularities by the rival candidates.

The PML head Sultan Mahmood Choudhry former PM of POK, PPP head Ishaq Zafr and Jammet-e-Islami head Ajaz Afzal including the nationalist Alliance APNA accused the government of Pakistan committing open rigging to bring Muslim Conference in power made the elections only eyewash. They demanded the probe be made in the elections rigging and also questioned the Mushraf’s claim of self-governance that he proposes to India but violates same in its controlled part.

These rigged election results were certainly being watched outside world that further undermines its credibility and moral authority of Pakistan on claiming to be champion of Kashmiri’s right to self-determination. The right Pakistan government violates in its controlled parts by denying people to their political choice by restricting the candidates and rigging the elections. India has rightly questioned Islamabad to its position on political and economic conditions in her controlled parts. Now that pro-Pakistan political Kashmiri leaders blaming Pakistan for violating the rights of the people question its morality or credibility of suggesting self-rule that it does not grant in its controlled parts undermines Pakistan’s claims.

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Harsh Vardhan said...

I am truly surprised that the people of India are allowing Hindus to be killed with such impunity for so long.

Don't they understand that even though they may be safe now, their time will come for sure if things continue on this path ?

Just look at this article I wrote highlighting how the Koran explicitly calls for killing, rape, torture, and conversion of non-Muslims to Islam.


If we don't fight back, we will all be killed.

Sooner than we think.

Muslim population in India is close to 20% now. It was 11% after Partition in 1947.

It will get to over 25% in another two or three decades.

Then there will be ANOTHER Partition.

This will continue will India's non-Muslims are gone, just like what happened to Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan.

Islam is spreading like a virus, destroying other cultures.

How can people just sit back and watch ?